Mamo #386: The Beard Is Not Enough


In which our discussion jumps from the James Bond announcement to the question of whether anticipating movies has replaced the movies themselves, with detours through Terminator Gineisysy and Suicide Squad.

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Bob S.

The latest fad of the movie conversation being dominated by what’s coming versus what’s out is similar to pro sports in the US. It’s not uncommon for the off season to generate far more press than the season itself. I’ve wondered why this is (for movies, sports, and probably other forms of entertainment). I guess if speculation is more engaging than watching the end product, that could be where we’re at. I’m sure our lack of attention span and the wonders of tech only feeding that ailment comes into play as well.

Mark Stevens

Bob, I guess speculating on “what’s coming” very much ties in with with contemporary life’s continually shrinking ties to objective reality–let’s talk about what could (or should) be instead of what is.
For myself, I’d rather view and make judgements based on the completed product.

Rick Vance

So the Suicide Squad isn’t meant to be the role model flashy cool guys like all the other Superhero teams. They are a group of people who hate each other and are working together to get time shaved off prison sentences, and most are quite pathetic (when the comic is good). It is very easy to see the film version of that concept go the completely other way however (especially when you add in The Joker and Harley) but with Ayer on the project and having seen his latest movie I have some degree of hope. Will Smith is playing a master marksman assassin who wears a mask.

So the weird thing I always run into when discussion old/new and this continual nostalgia we are in is that I as someone who was born in 1986 believe that the movies made before I was born are better than those made after the fact (Terminator being one of them). So I fight the urge to say that modern entertainment (because this is true across books, movies, TV, comics) is not as good but there does feel like there is something missing.

Maybe it does come back to CGI (at least in the special effects movies) that once you can create all that stuff it becomes much easier to get your characters out of jams you can do anything not what is best (sometimes those things overlap of course).

Robert Reineke

I know it’s different, but the fact that the Suicide Squad has been running around on television, in Arrow, for a couple of years without a peep of complaint about the name, suggests that any fears about the title creating controversy are unlikely to actually materialize.

Also, have you guys really never heard of Deadshot, a semi-regular Batman villain, and Captain Boomerang, a regular Flash villain since the 1950s? Heck, Boomerang even made his live action debut this week. It kind of boggles the mind, that one of you two has heard of Rick Flag but not those two.

Matthew Price

I’ve heard of Deadshot (Was he the villain in one of the DC animated home video things?), and I’m pretty sure Captain Boomerang rings a very faint bell. I never read Flash Comics apart from a very occasional one, but I’m watching the show. My limited impression of Arrow is that it’s very terrible so I wasn’t aware that SS had been featured there. All in all you shouldn’t be the least surprised by anything I know or don’t know comics-wise, I’m very deep in what I like and really couldn’t care less about what I don’t. Before IM3 I had never heard of The Mandarin.


“….the shortest title in James Bond franchise history”

Begs the question, if it’s actually Dr. No, or if the abbreviated “Doctor” means that Spectre and Skyfall win instead.

Sean Kelly

It’s not written “DOCTOR NO” anywhere that I know of. The first film wins.