Mamo #385: What the Star Wars Trailer Gets Wrong About Stars, Wars, and Trailers


Well, like Lando said to the guy with the vagina-face before they flew into the Death Star II, here goes nothin’.

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Sean Kelly

I saw FOXCATCHER today at Cineplex Yonge and Dundas, which is the Toronto location where the STAR WARS trailer is playing.

The trailers included things like:
– Mr. Turner
– A Most Violent Year
– American Sniper

Right when I thought the STAR WARS trailer was NOT going to play, it does indeed play, with it very obviously being tacked onto the end of a group of trailers than didn’t match it tonally AT ALL!

This force fed marketing either results in excited moviegoers or confused old people (likely both).


Thanks for pointing out how terrible the CGI is in Jurassic World. I can’t believe how fake the water dinosaur looks jumping out of the water. Almost Sci-Fy movie bad.

I also like giving some props to Lucas. I generally defend the guy for the most part and the internet usually doesn’t take too kindly to that stance.

Markus Krenn

The Trailer is truly amazing….
until the scence after Boyega pops up.
After that it’s just….
Look a cutsie Droid….this is Star Wars
Hey we got Stormtroopers and X-Wings….Believe us it’s Star Wars.
Look at that cool new Lightsaber…….Still don’t believe us that it’s Star Wars?
Here’s the Falcon with the Theme.
(Which by the way looks totaly strange, i can’t put my head around what it is. Maybe it’s that “semi-realistic” camera zoom thingy they are doing since the new BSG series. But it looks totaly odd.)
Rarely i was so underwhelmed and sickened by a trailer, then again it’s not teaser trailer. It’s a car salesman commercial for establishing a brand.


Interstellar might outgrossed Guardians of the Galaxy in the foreign box office.

Sean Kelly

It was revealed over the weekend that the voice in the trailer is Andy Serkis, which I never would have been able to guess, but now it seems blatantly obvious.