Cinecast Episode 373 – We Don’t Need Facts

Welcome to late November. Nothing releases everywhere at the same time. Therefore these remote style podcasts tend to meander all over the place. Sometimes though, that’s a good thing; we have all manner of things to discuss; from the pressures of drum solos to the cowardice of humanity in an avalanche to planetary propaganda. It’s all here. Not to mention the prequel (or at least inspiration to Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later). There’s also the worst movie ever made, race relations, where has Steven Seagal been(?) and Cameron Crowe mind fucking everyone. You think turkey and green bean casserole in front of the TV watching the NFL is sustenance enough? Wait til you hear the Cinecast.

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Not really any spoilers here. Listen freely.
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– Kurt on the Dew Over podcast (2003 episode)


REVIEWS: Force Majeure, Adieu au Language (3D), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part I, Whiplash


1984 PROJECT: Night of the Comet
NEXT EPISODE: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
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The Devils (Movie Club Podcast discussion)
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The next project should be 1999. Anyways, happy Thanksgiving.

Sean Kelly

I was part of The Dew Over recording and it’s definitely interesting being on a podcast with Kurt (and his very lengthy contributions). This was my fourth time on The Dew Over, yet it’s probably the one where I actually participate the least (save for breaking down in laughter on multiple occasions and making a somewhat controversial decision). The episode is currently scheduled to drop on December 14.

I was also at both the screenings of ABOVE THE LAW and THE DEVILS. I have nothing really much to say about the Seagal film, other than mentioning the scene where he says “I haven’t been down here since I was a kid,” while walking down into a church basement, which comes off really wrong watching it today.

As for THE DEVILS, I shall only mention the point when Guillermo del Toro walks onto stage at the end of the screening and says that he forgot to say that the film wasn’t for everyone. While the conversation afterwards helped improve my opinion of the film from absolute hatred, THE DEVILS is something that I have no intention of ever seeing again.


In-house business: 1:21
Force Majeure 16:50
Goodbye to Language 3D 28:10 (Gamble 34:31)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (SPOILERY) 38:00
Whiplash: 1:05:29
1984 Project: Night of the Comet 1:21:37
Watch List: 1:36:31
Next Week: 2:35:00


You made the political bits of Mockingjay sound interesting but I’m finished with the film making of greed.

I’m not talking about film making as a commercial enterprise, which I’m generally fine with, plus registered charities tend not to make films, but rather about splitting books into parts purely for the cash.

I like watching films at the cinema, not individual episodes at the cinema.

I’ll see Mockingjay Part 1 the day before I see Part 2 when it opens theatrically next year.

I was determined not to see Hobbit 3, but as it’s opening approached I thought what the hell, I’ll see it. But then I saw the trailer. It was blindingly obvious how Part 2 should’ve ended, but didn’t. So there’s that, then the angry dwarf will turn down war, embrace it, be suspicious of a character, be convinced by him by the end, seeming defeat will be turned into victory and the good looking hobbit will get off with Evangeline Lost. Plus ….. there’s a chariot.

I really hope I’m wrong and I hear a review that details twists and turns and unexpected events that enthuses me to see it.

For me the rot started setting in with the last, really good, Harry Potter book being split into a mediocre and a reasonably good film.

There may be exceptions. I found Divergence to be suprisingly good for what it was, so I may see it’s last two episodes.

Will Peter Jackson etc be bothered by my attitude? Nope! My unbought tickets will be statistically so insignificant compared to the hundreds of millions, maybe billions that everyone else’s attendance at these films will generate that my little protest will be invisible.


Obviously the angry dwarf should read angry hobbit. I don’t even know why I’m correcting this, I care so little about it.

And, honestly, I’m not a hobbit racist.


Just read a review of Five Armies and realised I was right first time about the angry character being a dwarf.

My blurring of hobbits and dwarves clearly demonstrates that I’ve seen each of the first 2 hobbit films once only and have tried to erase them from my memory.

I love the LOTR films but hate the hobbit ones. Oh for the single, great, hobbit film that could have been. Sigh.

Sean Kelly

THE HOBBIT was never going to be one film. I think the plan from the start was to have one film based on the book and another that bridged the story with LORD OF THE RINGS.

Sometime during the pre-production (when Guillermo del Toro was still on board as director), the decision was made to have the bridging elements interweaved within a two part film, which later became three parts.

I have never read Tolkien’s novels and, because I am a notoriously slow reader, I probably never will. I have been watching these films as films and I have no complaints whatsoever on the direction Peter Jackson has taken this story.

I am not only looking forward to seeing THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES (I already got my IMAX ticket), but I plan on watching the Extended Editions of the first two films in preparation.


I still think a single film would have been great.

If there had been a second bridging film that had the bits from the appendices (they’re in the appendices for a reason, they’re not interesting enough to be part of the stories) and Jackson’s extra bits I could have ignored that.

Re our differing perceptions of the actual hobbit films it’s absolutely fine to have different opinions. I’m glad you enjoyed the films.

I thought the first hour of the first film was brain deadeningly boring (the film may have been poisoned for me by seeing it in HFR) and I thought the Jackson bits and appendices bits from both films were downright boring.


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The best example of adaptation fighting original fighting fans is another Fincher staple in Fight Club.

That movie so brutally tears down all its own concepts while it discusses them using an incredibly charismatic lead to deliver it all.

Such a cathartic movie that only grows in time.


The best Harry Potter movie is the shortest one based off the longest book.