Cinecast Episode 371 – Zach Galifianasskissisms

Normally there’s a whole rig-a-ma-roll to these things. But this week we heard Martin Scorsezeeze might be looking for his next big thing; so we’re keeping it simple and relying on our gut instincts and raw talent. Positivity is always something to keep going; so we roll with it. From main releases to Watch List. If you gauge this show based on the amount of quality within the projects discussed, then this is most likely the most perfect Cinecast ever created. Daughters, critics, dead dogs and suicidal tendencies aside, we’re seizing the moment.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!





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Flyway Film Festival





The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)
The Fog

The Babadook



– Nightcrawler
– Force Majeure
– Whiplash
– Before I Go to Sleep


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Andrew James

Just so we’re on the same page, for the record the moment I thought the movie would end was…

**!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!**

**!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!**

**!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!**

In the dressing room at the intermission. I thought for sure the movie would close as Keaton walks out the door holding what the audience knew was a real gun and left it in our heads what would happen. But again, as I said in the show, I’m so glad we got to see the aftermath. I would’ve liked to see a little bit more of Edward Norton’s reaction to the real gun – presumably he could tell it was real. Great film.

**!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!** **!!SPOILER!!**


Opening/ In-house business:
John Wick [SPOILERS] 6:48
Bird Man [SPOILERS] 30:57
Watch List: 1:31:00
Next Week: 1:58:00
End: 158:46

Sean Kelly

I have a conundrum with this episode, since you are talking about films I’m interested in seeing, but I’m not sure if I’ll get to seeing either in theatres.

Will probably just skip over the reviews “just in case.”


You were talking about John Wick enthusiastically enough but all I heard was bland fighting movie, bland fighting movie, bland sexist fighting movie, bland fighting movie. Did I miss something, like a premise or a concept, i.e. an interesting idea to get me into the movie.

The review reminded me of the trailer for Jupiter Rising, i.e. the film sounded generic and bland. I think you need to at least make an effort to make something interesting to get people into the cinema.

Re timecodes, I know you let Ultimolee put them in but could you at least put a single timecode for the end of the main review(s).

After Andrew’s enthusiastic first 5 minutes on Birdman I thought I’m in, and tried to skip to the watchlist to avoid spoilers but got 3 snippets of Birdman conversation before I found the right section.

And thanks for the podcast, I didn’t think there’d be one with all the flyway mini ‘casts.

Andrew James

To be fair, I think John Wick in a lot of ways is kind of generic and bland. The fighting sequences aren’t particularly amazing and I’m already forgetting a lot of the film. But if you’re into really crisp, colorful cinematography and quirky characters clearly having a lot of fun doing what they’re doing, this might be for you. I think that’s partly why it’s getting more than a pass from audiences and critics.

But the concept of the film is kind of neat too. It deals with an entire industry of assassin professionals and this underground society and government they have; complete with currency, laws, places of business and entertainment – each location with a set of rules of its own. Then all of these character actors show up throughout the movie and we see them residing in this world. It’s weird and certainly not amazing, but it’s unique, humorous, fun and looks pretty great.

Andrew James

And yeah, I can try to put spoiler tracks in the show notes next time.


Just one timetrack, for the end of the main review, would be fine. Wouldn’t want to make your life unnecessarily hard.

Rick Vance

I think Bland is a little overdoing it in the case of John Wick.

The action is steps above most of what shows up in theaters these days and it is also unflinching in a way that so many action movies today can not be due to their quest for the big dollars.

Kinda surprising that it and the Equalizer came out in the same year, if I have to choose between Rated R murder movies and bland superhero movies I will take the former every single time and am glad these exist.

I also think you guys mistook the tone if you think the movie doesn’t take what is happening seriously. Also I don’t think it is actually possible to overcast a movie because that is what makes something like this that much more fun.

I always find it incredibly disparaging when people downplay how difficult it is to make action work on screen and how difficult it actually is to do it well, there is a bias towards direction when it comes to drama generally and it is annoying.

Also the ending worked for me because the movie was still in a reality and being in a fight when one person has a weapon and one does not puts the advantage always in the hands of the person with the weapon.

Antho made a great point that Keanu is basically playing Duke Togo from Golgo 13 and this is a pretty amazing parallel with those stories.

Sean Kelly

I’m quite looking forward to seeing INTERSTELLAR on its opening night 9:30pm IMAX screening (in 70mm!!!) on Tuesday (three days before the film goes wide on Friday).

I’m also looking forward to seeing NIGHTCRAWLER later today,