Flyway Pubcast #7 – Kristjan Knigge [The Right Juice]

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Easily the most entertaining interview we’ve ever had at Flyway, Kristjan Knigge is the director of The Right Juice. He’s also from Amsterdam which of course requires Matt Gamble and I to talk geography and world history rather than actual film making. Kristjan was gracious enough to educate the stupid Americans about the difference between The UK and Great Britain, Portugal, Christopher Columbus, Ireland, Anne Frank, The Netherlands and the “north bit”. I guess we might as well talk about the true discoverers of America too.

Eventually we do get around to talking about the film, the actors involved, political and social threats and comparing his film to Polanski’s Chinatown. Other upcoming projects are also mentioned. Matt tries to get convince Kristjan to get into criticism rather than film making because he is very amusingly abrasive – as evident by his berating us for giving a competing film The Keystroke Award. Basically he’s a really great guy and clearly a very talented film maker. Despite the interruption by locomotive, it’s a fun interview. Buckle up for a drunken history lesson…
(out takes at the end).




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Kristjan Knigge

I’ll be back at Flyway with a new film in October. See you guys there?