Flyway Pubcast #5 – Rick Vaicius [Festival Founder and Director]

flyway film festival 2014 banner

Weven years and getting stronger! The Flyway Film Festival has gone from a little house with some movies to a really important cultural, social and professional event for a lot of people. From film makers to fans, the community at large to bloggers and critics, Flyway has most certainly struck a chord. Which is evidenced by its returning volunteers, film makers and audience members year after year.

Helping to make Flyway what it has become is greater than just one man, but you might find some people who disagree with that statement. It’s because Rick Vaicius is that man. He dreamed it. He booked it. And the people came. And they continue to show up; year after year.

So it’s with great pleasure that Matt Gamble and I got to hang out with Rick and drink all of his organic vodka, local microbrews and wines. Over said drinks we discussed the festival and what pains Rick and his family endure over the year to eighteen months to make Flyway a reality. Plus there’s a vicious rumor that Rick doesn’t like genre movies. Say it ain’t so Rick!




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