Flyway Pubcast #1 – Erica Anderson [Seed & Spark]

flyway film festival 2014 banner

One of the key ingredients to independent film making that the Flyway Film Festival likes to focus on each year is crowd sourcing. Through dollars as well as promotion. One of the more ingenious outfits that help audiences be a part of a film’s production is Seed & Spark.

Seed & Spark differs from other crowd sourcing platforms (e.g. IndieGoGo, Kickstarter) in a couple of key ways. Number one, they don’t support just anyone and everyone with an idea. Each project is reviewed on an individual basis and deemed worthy of appearing on the site. On top of that, contributors and users can actually view the films they’re helping to fund (and others) on the site’s streaming platform.

There are some other elements that make Seed & Spark a little bit more special too, and our guest, kicking off our series of pubcasts, is one of the founders of the project and director of crowdfunding, Erica Anderson. Matt Gamble and I sat down with Erica and she explains things a lot better than I can…



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