Cinecast Episode 368 – Marriage as an Extreme Sport

Andrew and Kurt are back together. It’s been rocky these past 30 days, but they’ve decided to give their relationship another go. We’ll be easing back into it – we don’t want to rush anything. So we’re foregoing The 1984 Project this week and keeping The Watch List light and breezy. As it has more or less been David Fincher week across the webs, Kurt takes our lengthy discussion on GONE GIRL and continues the conversation with ZODIAC and SE7EN. Andrew goes back further in time to a galaxy far, far away and re-evaluates George Lucas’ masterpieces also known as Episodes I, II & III. We’ll be back next week with a full throttle show that will include a lengthier watch list, The Karate Kid and at least two theatricals.

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Andrew James

Also totally forgot (once again) that we have a couple of listener emails to get to. We will not forget next time or do a quick bonus show with that content.

Markus Krenn

Can you please start next weeks Episode with “You’re the best around” ?

Jape Man

Markus – they should end with that song instead, since the beginning is usually a quote the end is usually a song

Markus Krenn

I know Jape Man, but just because…..


Re Gone Girl, I thought the first half was extremely slow but I wasn’t bored. It picked up after the twist and continued this way. The ludicrous ending was, I think, a dark satire on the fact that having children ‘saves’ / extends marriages that are in trouble.

I don’t think the film had anything else original to say about marriage or about how media, including social media, sways and controls the mob that is public opinion.

Rosamund Pike was excellent but so was everyone else in the film. I thought the standout performance was Tyler Perry’s.

At the end of the film a very strange thing happened for me, I thought ‘did I enjoy that?’ and didn’t know if I had not. I know what I think about a film 99.9% of the time even if that opinion is modified on future viewings.

On reflection I think that Fincher’s excellent direction and the uniformly excellent acting absorbed me so much that I viewed the pulpy film in the same way that I’d view real events or a documentary. I’m now actively looking forward to re-watching it.

Re Star Wars episode 1 Andrew, you didn’t mention the numerous times that Anakin Skywalker says yippee. Yeesh!

Thanks for putting the comments on the right side of the site.

Andrew James

The thing with GONE GIRL is, you’re right, it doesn’t say anything particularly new or original about media and perception or even the nature of marriage. However, what it does is tackle these ideas in a fun and interesting and very tense way. That’s what makes the movie good.

Which is also ironically at the core of my complaint about the movie. It’s a great little thriller, but despite Kurt’s protestations, in the end it’s a story. Without the story, none of this other stuff would be remotely interesting because as we’ve said, it’s not particularly original content. So when the story doesn’t always jive well, it takes away from the message and the enjoyment. I’d love another 25 minutes with the Scoot McNairy character. I’d love another 20 minutes with the Neil Patrick Harris back story. I’d love to see all of this fleshed out into a deeper character study of both Nick and Amy.

As fun as the noir-ish or “cartoony” cops were, a little competency and fact checking on their part would have been welcome too. There are just too many loose threads – both thematically and in the plot – for me to truly love this film.

Andrew James

And if anyone cares, I just added Gone Girl to my list of 2014 movies and it came in at #20.


There’s something in the opinion that Gone Girl is this generation’s Fatal Attraction: Silly, trashy pulp that portrays its central female character as a mad scheming harpie; a plot that doesn’t hang together; clotted with ‘style’; both big cultural ‘talking point’ hits that are about marriage, without having any real insight into actual relationships, even bad ones; and, although I wouldn’t say the films are misogynistic, they both legitimise a misogynistic viewpoint.
And so on.

I will say that Amy is a great movie monster, though. And Affleck is accurately cast as the smug, unsympathetic lummox.

Sean Kelly

GONE GIRL was a very hard film for me to come up with an opinion for.

The film undoubtedly peaked for me at the big revelation and the more I thought about it, I didn’t feel like joining the many people on my Letterboxd feed who game the film 4 1/2 or 5 starts.

I still like the film.

Mike Reilly

For the record, it appears to be GILL-ian (as in ‘fish’) Flynn, according to Fincher’s pronunciation on the 5Live interview.