Friday One Sheet: Miss Meadows


Ok, about 50% of movie posters seem to have someone brandishing a gun. So that is nothing new, but contrast the normal, with the particularly conservative floral print dress, and drop it on a blood red field, and yes, key art department, you have my attention. That, and Katie Holmes is headlining films again? Who knew.

Note the white book under her arm, a great detail, considering the story is about an elementary school teacher who moonlights as a vigilante. Who knows if the film will be any good (tone is key to these sorts of things) but the poster did what it should. It made me aware and kind of interested in the thing. The only thing detestable about this design is the upward pointing gun in the logo. With posters from The Drop, and Son of A Gun also featuring the up-pointed gun thing, it’s kind of getting over done.

Oh, and this earlier one, which kind of echoes how the South Koreans make their movie posters, might even be better.