Mamo #377: Have You Ever Seen A Woman Pee? It’s Odd


The Horror! The Horror! Our intrepid horrornaut Matt Price returns from his year-long mission into scary movies with news to report about everything from Oculus to Martyrs.

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Matthew Fabb

One of the few areas that Warner Brothers does seem to have plan in place is with their animated movies. They continue to release 3 of them a year and while there can be the occasional miss fire, they tend to be really well done. A Shazam movie? Hell, they already made an animated Shazam movie back in 2010.

I bring this up because the last animated movie that came out in August was one called “Batman: Assault on Arkham”. Despite the name, Batman has a bit role in it and it’s really a Sucide Squad movie, mainly featuring Batman villains. It’s an okay movie, not as great as some of the other DC movies from Warner Animation, but isn’t half bad.

Anyways, it is a bit strange that an animated movie comes out, followed up by shortly it being announced that the Suicide Squad is appearing in the Arrow tv show and then a live-action movie being announced. While Warner Brothers is generally disorganized with no plan, I can’t help but wonder if the sales of the DVD/blu-ray were high enough for someone in Warner Brothers to take notice and start to move on it. As the timing of it all seems strange.

Rick Vance

Suicide Squad as a concept can make you care about villains as people the 80s series is proof of that the modern DCU however is not a place for much nuance at all.

Also funny that Suicide Squad was one of the best episodes of JLU (Taskforce X) which if you ask me is still the best representation of Super Heroes outside of the comic page.

Rick Vance

This University is clearly listening to Mamo right guys?