Mamo #376: How To Stick The Landing At #TIFF14


Mamo closes up the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival with talk of our favourite films, the Audience Choice winners, and the noticeable movements of the year – plus, hairy boobs.

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Matthew Fabb

Have the boys of Mamo heard about the Barco Escape Cinemas? 6 theatres have been set up in the US with this technology, which sets up two secondary screens on the side of the main screen and gives you a huge 270 degree view. The upcoming movie Maze Runner will be one of the first movies to take advantage of it but only 7 minutes.

Here’s a link to another article about 20th Century Fox’s so called Futurist, Ted Schilowitz. He asks the question “What if we could bring the theme park experience to the theater?” It mentions Barco Escape footage will be previewed or teased on the Samsung Gear VR. He also mentions VR experiences not just for a big movie such as the next Night at the Museum, but also for a small Fox Searchlight movie with Reese Witherspoon called Wild.

At TIFF 2014, there was even a panel on VR called “Beyond the Screen: Future’s made of Virtual Reality”. Here’s video of the panel, which was okay but not great. Some people on the panel were heavily involved in VR and others didn’t seem to have any experience beyond just trying out an Oculus Rift experience.

Anyways, I keep dumping these kinds of things on the MAMO posts, as one of the things MAMO have generally have talked about the future of cinema. I find it interesting how studios are trying to adapt new technology, whether or not this 270 degree screens work or are just another gimmick is another story. VR I think will have staying power going forward, but I also happen to be lucky to be working with a digital agency that is doing VR projects.