Mamo #375: How To Find A Great Movie At #TIFF14


Does TIFF have a gala problem? We look at the festival’s changing relationship with red carpet premieres and superstar filmmakers as Team Mamo charts a weirder course through international filmmaking waters…

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Courtney Small

Slowly catching up on these TIFF Mamo! eps, so apologies if this is already touched on in another episode…

This was the first year in a long time where the festival felt like it was truly picking up, in regards to top-notch films, in the middle of the week.

The thing TIFF has failed to realize with this whole Telluride debacle is that Telluride is playing a different game altogether. One of the reasons Telluride has become a major Oscar player is that they actually covet Academy Award voters. Sure TIFF may give bigger media publicity to the stars, but Telluride actually host parties exclusively for Academy voters. This helps to make Telluride an appealing destination for both distributors and the Academy alike. The fact that audiences only find out the films screenings a few days before the festival starts add to Telluride’s allure as well.

I think all this jockeying for exclusivity his hurting the three major fall film festivals (e.g. TIFF, Venice, and New York). Outside of Telluride, which only shows a small number of films to begin with, most of these festivals are now hanging all their marketing hopes on one or two films (e.g. Venice it was Birdman, New York it is Inherent Vice and Gone Girl, etc).