Mamo #373: How To Wear A Beard At #TIFF14


Reporting live (actually it’s a podcast) from the first night of the Toronto International Film Festival 2014! We pick our top five anticipated films for the week ahead, and since there’s nothing better to do we get into the real question: WTF is with that beard.

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Sean Kelly

Five films I’m most looking forward to seeing at TIFF:
1) The Editor – I’ve watched the minute-long trailer countless times
2) The Guest – Looking forward to Adam Wingard’s follow-up to You’re Next
3) The Dead Lands – This was an alternate pick, but now I’m happy I have a ticket
4) It Follows – The STD plot is definitely intriguing
5) The Look of Silence – You may consider The Act of Killing overrated, but the follow-up is my top doc pick.

Jape Man

I need to come up with a list I’m too lazy….

Matthew Fabb

I’m excited about Dave McKean’s Luna, which I think I first heard about over 7 years ago before filming. Probably the longest I’ve anticipated a film and it gotten to the point that I had begun to doubt that it would ever be released. It’s too bad that I can’t see the premiere tonight, but I have tickets tonight for RiotFest music festival.

With the exception of perhaps Midnight Madness films, I tend not to go into TIFF blindly. How many movies I see always depends on what I’m interested in, as well as what my schedule is like. Early September is always so busy, so I often don’t get many films in as I would like.

This year, for the first time I decided I would like to see a movie, either at TIFF or later if I can’t make it, purely because of the score. That’s not something I’ve ever done before. The movie is the mentioned “It Follows” and the score is created by a musician who goes under the name of Disasterpeace. He often makes scores for video games and for the last couple of years his music is one of the main things I listen to while programming at work. Now, the plot of It Follows sounds interesting, but I only found out about it after I had made the decision to check it out.

Also I’ll mention that I’m okay with Matt Brown throwing in the occasional beard story. 🙂 However, I might be biased since I’ve had a full beard since I think around 2000, I have only ever shaved it off completely once a few years for Halloween, much to my wife’s dismay.