Trailer: Bang Bang Baby


And now for something completely different, a very stylized 1960s do-wop musical with a purple mist-factor leaking toxic waste into the water, Peter Stormare as an overbearing dad, classic cars, and romantic musings on Government space-missle programmes. It’s playing TIFF, and this is an excerpt from the programme guide:

In the fictional Canadian town of Lonely Arms in 1963, sweet and prim high-schooler Stepphy devotedly cares for her alcoholic father, tends to his auto-service shop, and, like most girls her age, adores heartthrob singer Bobby Shore. Having long dreamt of getting out of Lonely Arms and making it in the music biz, Stepphy seems one step closer when she is accepted into the American Ingénue Singing Competition in Manhattan — until her father refuses to allow her to go. Miserable, her dreams dashed, and forced to fend off the advances of Fabian, the creepy proprietor of the local Purple Mist plant — which has recently sprung a mysterious and ominous leak — Stepphy seems stuck in her go-nowhere town for good… until none other than Bobby Shore himself rolls into Lonely Arms with a car that needs repair.

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Sean Kelly

I’ll be seeing this as part of my Canadian film triple bill on September 10