Cinecast Episode 365 – Conversations on a Beach

We’re calling this the overlap episode. From Mickey Rourke to M. Emmet Walsh to Brendan Gleeson to Chris O’Dowd; everyone seems to be in everything (if only Andrew had finished MI:2). But Calvary is where it all stems and a lengthy and meaty discussion we have on that one – unfortunately we’re not on a beach. Sin City the go-around-again edition tempts Andrew while Kurt falls for pretty great marketing from the team at CBS films and their picture, The Kings of Summer (aka not to be confused with Stand By Me). Star Wars and meticulous, unrelenting fans of the original brings humanity together with their “Despecialized” version (2.5) and the circle is now complete.

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I’m with Kurt re Calvary. It was my favourite first time watch of the year so far.

I assumed Aiden Gillen killed the dog. To me his speech about the child who was subject to the surgical accident was really about him being abused by a priest.

The bloody Sunday in the film was the first bloody Sunday with Michael Collins in the Irish civil war.

The film wasn’t just about Ireland, it was about American gun control, or lack thereof, and it reflected the current European attitude to immigrants in the recession.

This and my second favourite first time watch of the year, Grand Budapest, had my two favourite acting performances of the year, Gleeson and Fiennes.


Factual correction. Bloody Sunday was from the Irish war of independence, not the civil war.

Mike Reilly

Re the setting for Calvary story and shooting locations.

It’s exclusively County Sligo on setting and mostly shot there also. The fictional village where Gleeson has his parish is mostly coastal shots cobbled from a variety of disparate locations around Co Sligo but also including some location work on the east coast too (Sligo is on the NW Atlantic coast of Ireland) including the village of Rush in County Dublin.

The mossy mountain is Ben Bulben just outside Sligo town, at the foot of which is buried WB Yeats himself.

The presence of surfers in certain shots is not a symbolic insert for thematic purposes. That area of coastline is a surfer’s paradise and they come from all over the world to experience the waves there.

Mike (Ireland, ex-Catholic etc etc)

Sean Kelly

The people who describe SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR as both a sequel and prequel probably don’t really understand the graphic novels, which have always jumped back and forth in chronology (in fact, the Marv story from the first film – adapted from the first graphic novel – is the FINAL story in the chronology).

I read the graphic novel of A DAME TO KILL FOR in the weeks leading up to the release of the film and I can say that the gratuitous nudity is ALL THERE (in fact there’s more nudity, since Jessics Alba’s character of Nancy DOES dance naked in the comic). The difference between the movie and comic is that the graphic novel uses heavy shading and the nudity is little more than outlines.

The original graphic novel of A DAME TO KILL FOR was the second SIN CITY story released (and is now 21 years old). That story and the pre-credit short story JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT are the only actual adaptations in the film. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jessica Alba stories were written specifically for the film (based on ideas for the comics Frank Milker never got to). That’s probably the biggest problem of the film, since they are not as developed and come off as filler. I still liked it for what it was, even though it’s definitely weaker than the first film, which I LOVED.

BTW, Jeremy Piven’s character of Bob was in the first film played by Michael Madson.


I also loved Sin City and bought the blu ray, but I thought Sin City 2 was god awful.

I’ve seen a lot of boring films over the last couple of years but this was the most boring by some way. I kept thinking ‘when is this going to be over, I wish it would end’.

Robert Rodriguez really needs to make his peace with the DGA and make proper films as a director for hire. He’s too talented to waste away making stuff like this.

Sean Kelly

Despite having a 22 year career, Robert Rodriguez has never had too much variety in his career. Let’s break it down.

El Mariachi Series
El mariachi (1992)
Desperado (1995)
Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

Spy Kids Series
Spy Kids (2001)
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (2011)

Tarantino Collaborations
Four Rooms – “The Misbehavers”(1995)
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Grindhouse/Planet Terror (2007)

Sin City Series
Sin City (2005)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Machete Series
Machete (2010)
Machete Kills (2013)

One-Off Films
Roadracers (1994)
The Faculty (1998)

Misc Kids Films
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005)
Shorts (2009)

So yeah, Rodriguez was never really one for making “proper films,” even when he was a member of the DGA.

Andrew James

I kept thinking ‘when is this going to be over, I wish it would end’.

Yup. That’s pretty much how I felt too.

Arnold Schizoplis

The Despecialized Versions of Star Wars are the only way to watch them now! My one and only nitpick is for Return of the Jedi. The original Jabba palace music number is in the despecialized version and the quality isn’t quite HD. The footage was taken from the old DVD and was digitally upgraded. But that short sequence is still noticeably lower in quality than the rest of the movie.


In-house business: 0:45
Calvary [SPOILERS] 13:44
Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill: [SPOILERS] 55:36
The 1984 Project: The Pope of Greenwich Village 1:16:26
Watch List: 1:44:49
Next Week: 2:15:10
Outro music: 2:22:00

You had me at Eva Green, Juno Temple and Boobs………..

Year One is terrible by the way just makes you look down on everyone involved.


If you guys want amazing pate 70s early 80s NYC in ’84 then you gotta do Style Wars