Teaser: The Tale of The Princess Kaguya


The unconventionally animated film from Studio Ghibli, The Tale of Princess Kaguya will very likely be the last feature directed by either of two Studio Ghibli founders, in this case Isao Takahata. (Hayao Miyazaki’s eulogy-like came out last year.)

It played very, very well to Cannes, and will also be playing TIFF, and the couple Ghibli-philes that I know have both declared it a masterpiece. In light of it coming to North American soil, here is the dialogue free teaser-trailer for Anglophones. Have a look.

Kurt Halfyard
Resident culture snob.


    • Then I’m insanely jealous. I still need to catch up on some of the last bunch of Miyazaki/Ghibli releases, which is crazy seeing as I’m a huge fan. My local film society is showing The Wind Rises but not until January. I still haven’t seen Ponyo yet actually. I’ve been waiting for the Blu-Ray to come down in price. One of these days I’ll dig deeper into my pockets…


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