Cinecast Episode 363 – Maybe We Should not Give Up on Megan Fox

Back to a more classic styled Cinecast for Andrew and Kurt this week, a relaxed conversation on two major celebrity deaths these past few days, the smaller theatrical releases: Magic in the Moonlight, I Origins, Coherence and film festivaling. It’s all pleasant and sweet agreement for the first half of the show but things slowly go south at the start of the 1984 Project (which sees Roy Scheider in 2010 but really just doing his character from Jaws) and the nerd-shit really hits the fan as Ready Player One enters the conversation.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!





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Opening/Intros: :00

Obits: 5:33

How to festival 101: 20:05

Magic in the Moonlight (spoilers!): 31:24

I Origins (spoilers!): 51:46

Coherence (non-spoilers): 1:13:03

Coherence (spoilers!): 1:23:48

1984 Project (2010, The Year We Make Contact): 1:41:00

The Watch List: 2:01:55

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– Robin Williams
– Lauren Bacall
– First time festivaling (listener feedback)




~ 1984 PROJECT ~



Good Morning Vietnam
The One I Love

– “Ready Player One” (novel)



– Midnight in the Moonlight soundtrack playlist on Spotify
Kurt’s interview with James Ward Byrkit (director: Coherence)




– Calvary
– The Expendables 3



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Andrew James

To be clear right off the bat, I understand that there is no “getting over it” when it comes to bi-polar disorder. I am VERY aware of that fact, what didn’t come out properly is that I wasn’t aware that Robin Williams was bi-polar. So what I meant by “getting over it,” I was referring to the drugs and alcohol and just sort of a general mental instability.

Now again, I understand that once an alcoholic/drug addict, always an alcoholic/drug-addict. But there are many people in the world who beat this particular malady and I guess for whatever reason, I thought Robin Williams was one of those people. Obviously and sadly, I was wrong.


Simon McBurney to play Polanski?

No no no watch the trailer for Venus in Fur, Mathieu Amalric IS Polanski

Sean Kelly

Time for categorized comments for the whole episode 😛

Film Festivaling
The only time when I went to a film festival outside of Toronto was in 2010 when I went to Calgary and the Calgary Film Festival happened to be starting right when I was about to head home (I only was able able to go to a single screening before flying back).

I definitely want to go to Fantasia and I might seriously look into it for next year.

Good Morning Vietnam vs Mrs Doubtfire
I can definitely say that I was aware of GOOD MORNING VIETNAM when it first came out. However, I was also 5 years old at the time and I finally watched the film for the first time the other day.

On the other hand, MRS DOUBTFIRE came out when I was 11 and I have seen the film many times (including in the theatre).

Next Week’s Films
I am definitely going to be watching EXPENDABLES 3 this weekend, but I am also looking forward to watching both FRANK and THE TRIP TO ITALY (both of which open in limited release in Toronto this week).

Kurt Halfyard

Even though I’ve read some middling reviews, for the film, THE TRIP TO ITALY’s trailer is absolutely hilarious.

Andrew James

Agree to disagree once again. It has a moment or two, but it lacks the passion the first one had – I don’t think I lolz more than once. I’m still going to see the movie, but based on the trailer, my expectations are low.


I haven’t seen the film yet, just commenting on the trailer that played in front of Magic in the Moonlight.


I’ve seen the series and it’s fine. it’s not as good as the first but there’s plenty of laughs in all the episodes.

In the end it doesn’t matter if you get enough laughs because when you get around to reviewing it you’ll just go on endlessly about how incredible Italy looks, like everybody else who’s watched it 😀

Rick Vance

Made it through a single chapter of Ready Player One and couldn’t stand another page.

It is most obvious shameful pandering I have ever seen, the laziest check the boxes I have seen this stuff you like too referencing and the driest most uninteresting prose I have seen in fiction in quite a while.

I don’t have a problem with homage or pulling in works you love when they are for a reason and serve a purpose but if you are just going to pull everything in and then not do anything with them and then expect people to eat it up because nerd culture is the thing right now it is really frustrating when it is just empty bullshit.

Sean Kelly

I noticed yesterday that THE ONE I LOVE will be opening theatrically in Toronto (at the Carlton Cinema) on Friday.

I would like to try and check it out, even though there are already a lot of films on my “to watch” list (watched FRANK yesterday, planning on checking out THE TRIP TO ITALY next week).