Robin Williams 1951-2014


This one is a punch to the gut. But, details aside, let’s take some time to remember the man, the legend, and share our favorite moments from his illustrious career.

Here’s a great scene from the awesome and underappreciated Death to Smoochy:

Be sure to share your favorite and most memorable moments!


  1. I love Dead Poet Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting and Popeye, so there. His exuberance was the anchor to get me through what were admittedly otherwise conventional narratives. Alladin is my favorite Disney animated movie. Looking forward to revisiting The Birdcage and Insomnia.

  2. I was reading this 1992 Playboy interview from before Hook came out. I love this excerpt where Robin discussed who else could play Peter Pan:

    PLAYBOY: We came up with some other names of potential Pans.

    WILLIAMS: Want me to guess? Michael J. Fox. Or, wait, I’m blanking on his name. He’s a friend sometimes. Did Big.

    PLAYBOY: Tom Hanks.

    WILLIAMS: Tom Hanks, thanks. He’s a friend. [Castigating himself] “You idiot, you can remember people only by their credits!” Tom, I know your name, I just blanked, ’cause I’m thinking about you playing Peter Pan, you might be taking the part. Let’s see, a real interesting choice if you wanted to get a punk Peter Pan would be Gary Oldman. That would be like: “Right! I’m flying. Fucking fly-y-y-y-i-n-n-n-g-g! You see it? Follow me, Tinky. Here’s my happy thought.” Who else? Tom Cruise, if you want a kind of Top Pan.

    It’s tough to remember a time when somebody might forget Tom Hanks’s name, eh?

    • Then there is this tidbit where he talks about almost being cast as The Joker in the ’89 Batman:

      PLAYBOY: Were you used as bait to get Jack Nicholson to play the Joker?

      WILLIAMS: Yeah. I was a little pissed by that. He’d been offered it six months before and then it was given to me. I replied, but they said I was too late. They said they’d gone to Jack over the weekend because I didn’t reply soon enough. I said, “You gave me till Monday, I replied before the deadline.” But it was just to get Jack off the pot.

  3. When I suggested Punch Drunk Love and Popeye for the next MovieClubPodcast way back in January (yea I’ve been very slow on this) both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams were both alive….

  4. Moscow On The Hudson, The World According To Garp and The Birdcage are favourite films of mine.

    I’m sorry he’s gone, especially in the way he went.

  5. Gutted. As with many I grew up with his TV and films. I loved Mork and Mindy when I was a kid and his major family films came out just at the right time for me – Aladdin, Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji and Hook were staples of my childhood. They might not all stand up so well these days, but at that age they were as good as movies get. As I got older I also had fond memories of his more serious roles in things like Dead Poets Society, Awakenings and Good Will Hunting, although I haven’t seen the former two films for a long time. He was great in Insomnia too.

    I must admit I’ve not seen many of his more recent films. Can anyone recommend any? I was always interested in seeing Man of the Year and World’s Greatest Dad in particular. I never saw One Hour Photo either. I keep almost buying it, but I never manage to hand over the money for some reason.

  6. The Birdcage, Good Morning Vietnam, Death to Smoochy and I great up thinking The Dead Poets Society was the best thing EVER (don’t worry – I got over that but I still like the movie quite a bit).

    That said One Hour Photo is my runaway favourite.


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