Kevin Smith’s Horror “TUSK” [trailer]

For now I’m skeptical and not entirely sure what to make of the trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest salvo of low budget celluloid. I don’t think it’s quite as “out there” and “challenging” and “freaky” as many are claiming and while I’ve obviously not see the film yet, I’m skeptical that it is “the best film [Kevin Smith] has ever made” as Smith has claimed. To me, there’s a serious Human Centipede vibe and will clearly be taking (loving) shots at the movie blog/podcast community. It’s got Michael Parks and Justin Long and a lot of creepy screaming and I can appreciate that, but so far, I only… kind of… care?

For me, Smith has lost his edge. Too much pot and not enough thought is kind of what I’m seeing. Outside of a few moments (most significantly the aforementioned Michael Parks), Red State was a weak attempt at horror that felt like a first time film maker getting a modest budget and copping out to the needs of the suits.

“I Don’t Wanna Die in Canada”.

I’m willing to give TUSK a shot, but I’m hoping Smith will really go for broke this time and show us why he’s the fan boy’s fan boy with something creative and soul piercing. But so far, I’m not getting much out of this TUSK.

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Sean Kelly

I’m still a very big Kevin Smith fan and I look forward to seeing what he can do with a twisted horror film.

Also, you have to remember that Smith is a guy that has grown fed-up with the movie industry and was prepared to retire and focus on his other endeavors (like podcasting).

Smith got the idea for TUSK only a year ago and here we are now with a trailer and a September release date. I know that Smith is a “love him or hate him” filmmaker right now, but you have to applaud him for getting inspired to make a movie again (especially in how both HIT SOMEBODY and CLERKS III have yet to surface after years of development).

Sean Kelly

I’m actually downloading the podcast Smith did last year, where he talked about his idea for TUSK (and then polled his fans via Twitter about whether he should make the film, hence the #WalrusYes hashtag in the trailer).

Sean Kelly

I can confirm that Smith was high as a kite when he came up with the idea of this film, but he was also genuinely excited for the concept.

It is quite interesting listening to this podcast after the film has been made, since the story of its origins is a very interesting one.

For those who haven’t heard it, Smith saw an ad on the UK website from a guy offering a living situation free of charge, under the condition that the lodger dress as a walrus for two hours a day (the ad was later revealed as a prank).

The ad resulted in Smith and Scott Mosier coming up with hypothetical “what if” scenarios about the true intentions of the guy who posted the ad, which later developed into the idea for the film, which Smith indeed described as the “warm and fuzzy version of Human Centipede.”

Some other facts from this podcast:
– The original title during Kevin Smith’s pitch was THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER
– Smith was originally calling for Blumhouse Productions to make the film (it was probably sometime later that Smith decided to do the film himself)
– Smith openly considered cancelling CLERKS III, since he believed this film idea would be a huge money-making hit.
– The way Smith originally envisioned it, the bulk of the film would focus solely on the two main characters. Not sure if this is still the case.

Once again, TUSK is very intriguing to me and I’m very interested in checking it out.


So, Misery meets Human Centipede? Eh. As important to me as he was as a teenager, I can take or leave most Kevin Smith. I admire the guy’s passion, but most of his work doesn’t speak to me.

Although yeah, I’ll watch Jersey Girl any day, just for George freaking Carlin.

David Brook

Smith went downhill after Clerks for me. Bar Chasing Amy, he never seemed to really mature as a filmmaker or in general for that matter. That ‘first time filmmaker’ comment you made in your post kind of sums up most of his films for me. Saying that I skipped the last few so I’m making a lot of assumptions.

Sean Kelly

It has just been announced that TUSK will be playing Midnight Madness at TIFF. I would like to try and check it out, though I expect this one to go quickly (perhaps I’ll go to the repeat screening).