Kevin Smith’s Horror “TUSK” [trailer]

For now I’m skeptical and not entirely sure what to make of the trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest salvo of low budget celluloid. I don’t think it’s quite as “out there” and “challenging” and “freaky” as many are claiming and while I’ve obviously not see the film yet, I’m skeptical that it is “the best film [Kevin Smith] has ever made” as Smith has claimed. To me, there’s a serious Human Centipede vibe and will clearly be taking (loving) shots at the movie blog/podcast community. It’s got Michael Parks and Justin Long and a lot of creepy screaming and I can appreciate that, but so far, I only… kind of… care?

For me, Smith has lost his edge. Too much pot and not enough thought is kind of what I’m seeing. Outside of a few moments (most significantly the aforementioned Michael Parks), Red State was a weak attempt at horror that felt like a first time film maker getting a modest budget and copping out to the needs of the suits.

“I Don’t Wanna Die in Canada”.

I’m willing to give TUSK a shot, but I’m hoping Smith will really go for broke this time and show us why he’s the fan boy’s fan boy with something creative and soul piercing. But so far, I’m not getting much out of this TUSK.

Andrew James
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