Talking Boyhood at The MatineeCast

Ft seems we all champion a movie each year. In 2014, I’m championing Richard Linklater’s Boyhood (my review). Not only do I expect it to be at the top of my favorites list come year end, in five years or so when we do our “best of the decade” list, it will be sitting pretty close to the top of that list as well.

While The Cinecast is on hiatus for a week or two during finals week and Kurt seeks out some Fantasia fun, I did get to rally my love for the movie along with Ryan McNeil over at The Matinee. I always dig being a guest on a show because I can focus more on listening to the other person and concentrating on saying what I want to say and not have to worry about technical crap. But hey, life is just a series of moments.

Besides Boyhood, I get to answer round three of the “know your enemy” questions and while playing the other side, we discover that rabbits are jerks, 90s kids are tacky, the human race is doomed and skunks are gay (i.e. Slacker and Bambi).

So by all means, drop by The Matinee sometime this week and have a listen. Comments are closed for this post, so if you have thoughts on the show, leave them in the comments section over there; we’ll be listening. – But if you haven’t seen Boyhood yet, go do that first. In fact, do it now!