Cinecast Episode 360 – It’s Like Mustard

Sone famous once said that a person’s character can be defined by what he chooses to complain about. What do you despise? Is it Max Brooks? Is it Steve Guttenberg? The video streaming entity such as Vudu? Or is it someone/something else? By all means sound off! So yes, we explore the depths of our personal hatreds on this week’s Cinecast, but equally so, we also share some fondness, nay love, for Charles Grodin, Jean-Marc Vallée, Brent Spiner, Chris Tucker, Louis C.K. and yes, even Mel Gibson.

Documentaries and Ozploitation occupy the bulk of this week’s conversation. Steve James’ documentary, Life Itself (aka you’re better off just reading the book) and Russell Mulcahy’s creature feature, Razorback. But, and this is important. don’t even bother downloading this show until you’ve purchased your 4-pack of Midnight Run sequels. Yeah, it’s that kind of show.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!





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– Crazy amount of podcasts released from Where the Long Tail Ends
– Kurt on The Director’s Club Podcast (Sam Fuller)




~ 1984 PROJECT ~



– “Louie” (s4)
Jackie Brown
Midnight Run

Doc of the Dead
Grand Piano

A Lonely Place to Die
Get the Gringo
Star Trek: Nemesis / “TNG” (s1e1 – Encounter at Farpoint)
The Young Victoria
3 Men and a Baby



– Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
– Hellion



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  1. Now you have to wait to see ‘what we watched’ load individually for each of you? Seriously?

    The most important part of good website design these days is not aesthetics or the technical details of it’s redesign, but to get the most traction for everything on it in as short a time as possible, sometimes nearly instantaneously.

    A major retailer in the UK recently lost 8% of it’s business because it changed it’s website’s design.

    Your new design looks different but very definately isn’t better, in my opinion.

    Not all the people who check out your site are ladies and gentlemen of leisure, who tell their butlers to have cook get their afternoon tea ready while they peruse Row Three for half an hour. Some of us are busy people who scan everything in the site in seconds and pick out the interesting bits before cramming in as many other sites of interest in the few minutes we have to allocate to web surfing.

    I used to scroll down your Monday segment and maybe find something of interest, not any more.

    You really need to go back to something approximating to your old site where everything is immediately visible.

    No doubt Andrew, being a sensitive soul, you’ll see everything I’ve said about your site redesign as being laced with hatred and vitriol, but it isn’t. I’m trying to give you customer feedback, from someone who likes Row Three.

    • Gerry: I agree with a number of your points, in the balance to ‘aesthetics’ vs. functionality, minimalism won out in this design. Quick perusal of the most recent posts in the landing page over ‘glut’ of information what the philosophy here.

      And while I know this is not a complete solution, but changing your R3 bookmark from to “Newest Posts” – – will get you a more ‘blog like’ experience with the site.

      I agree with you on the ‘grouping’ of the Watch List requiring extra clicks. We’ll definitely change that back. As it goes, we tend to re-design the site in plain view of the readers, and you are right in this case.

      • I will definitely change the tabs back to how it was. Not because it looks bad though, but because it doesn’t show up correctly on the mobile version of the site. (you don’t have to “wait”, just click the name).

        I personally appreciate the minimalism of the post. The less clutter the better. And the tabs help that muchly.

    • If nothing else, I applaud you for visiting the site at all, Gerry. As you said, there are a gluttony of sites out there that we all visit.

      I find it fascinating that people still use bookmarks and actually go to the sites rather than using an RSS feed. RowThree is the only site I actually go to (because I kind f have to). Everything I cruise through the headlines on feedly and pick out the ones that interest me. Actually going to each site would take WAY more time than I have available. In short, thanks for actually dropping by the site and commenting!

        • This exactly:

          Just podcasts alone would take me 20 minutes to go around to all of the sites and see if there is an update. Tech sites, movie sites, design sites, news sites, entertainment sites, science, etc etc.

          If you’re a casual surfer and just drop by your favorite sites once in a while to see what’s new, then fair enough. But if you’re like me and want to stay on top of everything (as much as possible), there is no way to go to each site one at a time – it’s simply inefficient and unproductive. It would take hours!

          • Maybe I’m exposing myself as an amateur because I never understood RSS feeds. My simple solution for getting live breaking news and info focusing on my interests is…Twitter! I don’t really follow celebs. I just follow all the news sites and media. If I choose to build my network and TRADE follows with someone, I just mute their posts, if they don’t interest me 😉 Keeps my twitter stream from cluttering.

            Am I missing something by not using RSS? I’d really like to know.

          • Twitter CAN work for following news if done in the way you describe – which is essentially a less organized RSS feed. You have to keep lists and keep them minimal. Just following 300 people on Twitter and checking into the stream every three minutes to keep tabs on the news just doesn’t work. Unless you’re Scott Weinberg and literally do nothing else but look at Twitter all day long.

            As for using RSS, it really couldn’t be easier. Just look for the RSS link on any site (some browser extensions will find it for you and you just click subscribe). Our is here:

            Choose the one you want and click it. In the upper right is a box that says “Subscribe” and there’s a list of available services. I highly recommend (as does Jonathan above) recommend Feedly. Start an account and add feeds to Feedly whenever. You can break up your subscriptions into playlists (just like Twitter) and go through them at your leisure.

            I sit in bed at night with my phone and go through a lot of stuff. Click on News and there are the ten news sites I follow along with the number of unread stories/articles. Click on BBC and you get all of the stories in a REALLY nice looking layout with headlines and blurbs. As you scroll past each story, it’s marked as “read” and it won’t show up again (unless you save it).

            Long story short, just give it a try and play with it. It couldn’t be simpler and your time and productivity will go up. I think Kurt et. al. are crazy not using RSS feeds. I just don’t see how it’s possible to keep up with everything I want to without it. “No one uses RSS anymore?” Trendiness is a dumb reason to not try it yourself – also, any site that doesn’t use RSS (which is pretty much none these days) is going to seriously be left behind.

          • Even though I follow quite a few people on Twitter, only a very small percentage of tweets I actually read (everyone I follow is sorted into lists, so I just read the mini feeds instead of the full one).

            I also found social media a big help when it comes to promoting my blog posts. All my posts are automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter and I also post to Google+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.

            Also, submitting reviews to IMDB resulted in A LOT of traffic.

          • “Unless you’re Scott Weinberg and literally do nothing else but look at Twitter all day long.”

            Bob Chipman may be even worse for this.
            When you tweet that often, you’re gonna piss people off more often, which ends up with them tweeting even more often.

        • I guess that’s the benefit of RSS. There’s never a backlog of posts because I peruse the sites I care about just about everyday. The reader automatically marks everything as read as you scroll past. I look at about 40 sites per day – usually on mobile. I can’t imagine “physically” going to each one. But hey, to each their own. I’d actually prefer to look at the sites themselves, there’s just no way I would be able to find the time to do that.

          • ‘I’d actually prefer to look at the sites themselves, there’s just no way I would be able to find the time to do that.’

            My point exactly Andrew, who has the time to navigate around a site via multiple clicks just to see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

            Being able to see all recent comments and all content on one page helps immeasurable.

          • Again, to each his own. I think it is pleasing aesthetics and easy navigation that entices people to stay and involve themselves with content – not how much shit is thrown on the main screen as possible.

            News sites especially – there are 15 different categories on a news site. Can you imagine putting that all on one page? No one would go to the sites. CNN has international, tech, sports, finance, local, entertainment, pop-culture, vidoes, etc. etc. You click on what you want. If all of that was on the main page it would be a nightmare – admittedly it’s a nightmare anyway, but that’s not the point.

  2. Hi Andrew, I’m one of the people who don’t like ‘The Burbs’.

    I thought it was one of the most hateful and xenobhobic movies ever made, it’s message seemingly being if someone moves to your neighbourhood and / or country and they aren’t like you then they actually are monsters, terrorists etc. Yes Americans you were right in the McCarthy era to hate communists, they weren’t nice Jewish etc people who wanted equality of opportunity for you and me and were most likely murdered by the millions in the holocaust, they were evil, hate them, you’re right.

    Dante said he was going to make the Klopeks turn out to be normal nice people and show up their neighbours xenophobia, but he got cold feet and thought he would be betraying his (American) viewers. What a, in my opinion, moron.

    Midnight Run is one of my top ten favourite films. I hope Charles Grodin gets at least an Emmy nomination for his supporting role in Louie, he was great back in the day and he seems even better now.

    • I think a lot of people mis-read the ending of the ‘Burbs. Just because the Klopeks turn out to be ‘guilty’ of some pretty horrible stuff, it doesn’t exactly make Art, Rumsfeld and Ricky Butler better people. Dante is lobbing criticism very much at the obnoxious, nosy, narcissistic and intolerant suburbanites right to the very end. (To Quote Ryan McNeil: “WATCH IT AGAIN”)

      After all the film is a satire, and most satires take aim at both sides of the equation, the case is no different here.

      • For me the film would’ve been satirical only if the Klopeks didn’t do what they were suspected of, i.e. something bad. Some of the suspicious neighbours were mocked but, because of the ending, were seen to be right in their xenophobia. If Dante had stuck to his original ending the film would definitely have been satirical.

        I don’t see how the Klopeks were satirised in any way. For me they were the type of characters I’d imagine were found in Nazi school textbooks.

  3. Opening:
    In-house business: 1:27
    Life Itself [SPOILERS]: 5:41
    The 1984 Project: Razorback: 34:20
    Watch List: 1:03:50
    Next Week: 2:56:22
    Outro music: 2:58:09

  4. Just saw LIFE ITSELF at the Lightbox, which was introduced by Chaz Ebert (and I listened to the Cinecast review on my trip home). First, I really think Kurt should pay attention to credits more before he makes bold statements, since they clearly say that the Robert Ebert narration is done by Stephen Stanton (who in my opinion, often sounded like a mix between Ebert and John Wayne).

    Also, TIFF CEO Piers Handling moderated the introduction and made sure to point out how important Roger Ebert was to the festival, which is in fact briefly mentioned in the film (by Martin Scorsese in reference to the tribute Siskel and Ebert held at the festival).

    I can say that I liked the film, though I don’t necessarily disagree with the criticisms.

  5. I really dug Get the Gringo! Didn’t love it, but i’m glad it’s getting some appreciation. It’s a tight action-pulp movie. The tone is very True Romance and ***SPOILER*** it steals its last scene.

    Get the Gringo did feel like a sequel to Payback coz it’s pretty much the same exact character. But unlike Payback (theatrical version), it got the tone right this time. Don’t bother watching the director’s cut of Payback. It takes itself way more seriously. You realize why Gibson and the studio re-cut it in the first place.

    Because of its direct-to-video release, I always suspected Mel Gibson was the ghost director of Get the Gringo. Second unit director of Apocalypto and just previously worked with Gibson in Edge of Darkness? If he really directed the movie, he would’ve gone on to direct more films.

  6. The Place Mel Gibson should be is behind the camera directing more films like Apocalypto.

    Also Bad Boys is fantastic also has another great Joey Pants performance.

    • While I agree Gibson is batting 1.000 behind the camera, I think with the right projects he’s a force in front of the camera as well. Get the Gringo is pretty good, popcorn fun.

  7. Confirming Kurt is correct about Midnight Run 4-pack being available on

    It’s also available at the HMV a few miles from where I’m typing.

    And all of that is moot since everyone in Canada orders off US all the time.

    So nyah on Gamble 😛


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