Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

Check out these links:
Michael Slovis to direct “Game of Thrones” (s5e1)
First glimpse at Horrible Bosses 2 (villains: Chris Pine/Christoph Waltz)
A few great Anime films you might’ve missed
@scottEweinberg list of horror now streaming on Netflix
Great explanation of the spacetime continuum
First footage with Phantom Flex4K (1000fps at 4k resolution)
Treasury of Fiction Concession Stand Promos (EAT!)
“Blue” continues on the wrong path?
Help Lt. Cmdr. Data get off the Enterprise (maze game)
To get rid of the PG-13 Rating or not to get rid of the PG-13 rating. That is the question.

Glorious Cinema “papers” by atipo


“Game of Thrones” as “Family Guy” characters by @Eric_LaSorda

“Game of Thrones” inspired World Cup uniforms by Nerea Palacios

Makes me laugh every time (**UNSAVORY LANGUAGE**)



  1. Rick Vance

    So the B&N sale got its teeth in me, what did you all get?

    Throne of Blood
    Repo Man (1984!)
    Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

    • I just got GODZILLA in the sale, though I’ll probably get SCANNERS before the year is through (hopefully in time for my yearly October horror binge).

  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Your tastes are similar to Bong Joon Ho:

    (Also, I need to get on purchasing PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK!)

  3. Yeah, I picked up Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Great Beauty and Fish Tank. Considered getting Godzilla but I already have a pretty sweet edition form a few years back.

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