Mamo #365: Tammyknockers

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #a9a883;”] M [/dropcap]amo reflects on the worst 4th of July weekend in 30 years of moviegoing, by way of ruminations upon Tammy, Transformers, The Sandman, TIFF, and Roger Ebert’s life itself (and its consequences for the documentary Life, Itself).

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Kurt Halfyard

Thanks for the kind words in the lead-off shout out, fellas (even if you call me by my lady-parts name…) Not 100%, but I believe the context to that particular story is in MAMO#11 — — . Years before we met properly…

Matthew Price

Plus I think that show was the first on a phone, and the debut of the Mamo no prize! MILESTONE.

Rick Vance

Bay is the only one for me who can pull out everything at 11 all the time it probably is also because he understands that if you are doing that the camera should also be going like no tomorrow because something static would seem out of place if the rest of the movie is barreling like a freight train.

The other key is instant screen presence and charismatic leads which you can almost chart how much you will like his movies by the people in the lead of them, and when he is stuck in something that isn’t that he will do his best to absolutely cram the background with enough people who are interesting when you just turn a camera on them.

I am probably a terrible person to talk about any Sandman movie because the comic has a lot of built in resentment from me and Gaiman does in general about his skill or lack thereof of writing comics anymore. What I do know is the Sandman fans are some of the most Diehard out there, I don’t think that movie necessarily needs to be any good. Not that being bad will work but if they get the right cast that movie will explode I mean say someone like Hiddleston as Dream tumblr would cave in on itself.

Still trying to work out what I will get for TIFF I really dislike buying tickets before the list is out but I know I probably should, what do you guys think the over under on Tokyo Tribe being at Midnight Madness is?

matthew price

I have no information about Tokyo Tribe, and in general there’s no handicapping the MM selections (too many variables). Also, there’s no empirically good or bad stories but you’re still nuts if you don’t love Sandman 🙂

Rick Vance

I like parts of it but overall it doesn’t work for me and I dislike it for a lot of the tendrils it had on comics not necessarily on the comic itself which I know is unfair but its how people work.