Trailer: St. Vincent


While the trailer for St. Vincent suggests that it may follow the rather predictable story arch of the grumpy man who has a change of heart thanks to a sweet little kid, the trailer also reveals that the grumpy old man is the one and only Bill Murray.

And other than that one time that Bill Murray made the mistake of working on a movie written by Joel Cohen thinking it was Joel Coen, Bill Murray doesn’t make mistakes. He only makes awesome movies.

Solely based on the fact that St. Vincent stars Bill Murray as the version of himself that he does best in a straight-forward narrative that is set in a moderately realistic world has me excited. It’s been a while – 2005’s Broken Flowers maybe?

Murray, in a role originally rumored to have gone to the still M.I.A. Jack Nicholson, stars as St. Vincent de Van Nuys, a grumbling, old drunk who takes on watching the son of his neighbor (Melissa McCarthy) after school for $11 an hour. Antics and life lessons ensue and, of course, the trailer ends with us all wishing we were a little more like Bill Murray before quietly crying tears of regret for our wasted lives, knowing that never, ever will we be like Bill Murray, but hey, Pauly Shore ain’t so bad, right?

The film stars also co-stars Chris O’Dowd and Naomi Watts and will be released stateside on October 24, 2014.