Cinecast Episode 358 – Wedlock

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #a9a883;”] T [/dropcap]here are a few people out there who say it might actually be all a ginormous opium dream. And without Matt Gamble around to complain about this tactic, who can really dispute it? This is of course Sergio Leone’s masterpiece(?) featuring Robert DeNiro and James Woods as delinquent Jews in Brooklyn, Once Upon a Time in America which is talked about at length for this week’s 1984 Project.

Before that, however, Kurt and Andrew are at odds on the legitimacy of David Michôd’s post apocalyptic art-yarn The Rover. Hint: It’s all about the last 2 minutes, kids. The Watch List this week includes J.J. Abrams, Sam Fuller, Rosario Dawson and some seriously generic bullshit that wastes Jeff Goldblum. Being the end of June, we add an extra chapter this week to talk about our favorite films of 2014. Also, some of the years disappointments and surprises so far and the arbitrariness/difficulty of making these kinds of list.

This is what we call classic-style Cinecast episode: Where Kurt & Andrew just flying casual, occasionally taking a moment to pull up the IMDb, and shooting the breeze about movies.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!





Opening Quote:
Kurt Russell
Big Trouble in Little China

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“Pretty Girl Rock”
Keri Hilson

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~ 1984 PROJECT ~


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NEXT WEEK: Top Secret!



Mr. Mom
Clerks II
Mission Impossible III
The Switch

White Dog


~ 2014 (SO FAR) ~

– Andrew’s Top 5:
– – 5) Edge of Tomorrow
– – 4) How to Train Your Dragon 2
– – 3) The Grand Budapest Hotel
– – 2) Only Lovers Left Alive
– – 1) Boyhood
Andrew’s 2014 Rankings

– Kurt’s Top 5:
– – 5) Coherence
– – 4) Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere
– – 3) How to Train Your Dragon 2
– – 2) Enemy
– – 1) Sorceror



– Transformers 4
– Snowpiercer



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[…] His podcasting baby – The Cinecast – has been in fine form all year long, and this week’s episode  is no […]


In-house business: 00:09
The Rover [SPOILERS] 9.00
The 1984 Project: Once Upon A Time In America 41:39
Watch List: 1:20:21
2014 (SO FAR): 1:56:19
Next Week: 2:20:08
Outro music: 2:21:12

Andrew James

Thanks Ultimolee – added them to the show notes. CHEERS!

Rick Vance

Leave it to Kurt to find a take on a movie I would never expect. COMEDY really? I can see comedic elements sure because every movie full of that much nihilism will have somethings within that you are smiling at but not sure if you even should be.

I don’t have a problem with the reasons and plot being so simple because I believe that when the world becomes what it seems to have from all indication become that people would find very small things to latch onto and sucks to be anyone who crosses those small comforts.

The Doctor taking his guns when he first arrives is probably a very standard protocol, she has no idea what he brings with him or what is waiting in the truck, then later after people show up she has talked to him, the dog scene happened, I imagine she would rather let someone else do the killing.

Also I like Andrew’s reason that they didn’t have bullets and that makes a lot of sense and I like. I would also like to think that even after the world has collapsed that people still find killing messy, heavy and a waste of resources unless that person is directly in the way of something in your way.

Andrew James

I totally got the sense that in general people didn’t want to kill in this world. They’d kill if they had to or like you said, someone was standing in the way of something they needed. But in general, I got the sense that killing was kind of a last resort – if I think about it, I’d probably be the same way in this world. The rules have changed and I’ll do what I must. But I also will likely still have some morals. Who I am as a person is not a killer. It would go against my instincts… but I’d do it if someone was threatening me or mine.

Andrew James

Or if they are a midget and give me several loaded weapons.

Sean Kelly

I’ll probably skip listening next week if you discuss Snowpiercer. I’m trying to avoid anything about it until its Toronto release on July 18.

Sean Kelly

Then again, I guess that’s what the time tracks are for.

Sean Kelly

I haven’t seen too many films this year that I consider my favourites, but if I created a top five right now it would look like this:
1) Boyhood
2) Locke
3) How to Train Your Dragon 2
4) The Lego Movie
5) Only Lovers Left Alive

My least favourite film of the year is undoubtedly the Hot Docs selection BEYOND CLUELESS. I’m sure many will support me on that one.

Rick Vance

Mine would be.

1. The Rover
2. The Raid 2
3. Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (really bummed I missed this at TIFF but GODDAMN)
4. Short Peace (opening actually last year in Japan but whatever)
5. Edge of Tomorrow

Andrew James

I need to watch Raid 2 soon. I own it and haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. The Rover kicks all sorts of ass!

Andrew James

Boyhood is so BY FAR the best movie of the year. By December 1st, it will be on top of everyone’s list.

Mike Reilly

I totally agree with all the points made about credulity being strained in The Rover as regards stranger-danger in this post-Collapse world. Indeed I could list about a dozen egregious examples of characters displaying zero survival instinct and paying the price for it. These really took me out of the movie every time they arose and in the end I felt I was watching a stylish extended (now with extra stoopid character choices) episode of The Walking Dead.

One point I didn’t hear made in the podcast: doesn’t the gang’s pickup flip and then go sailing past the bar on its roof at the start of the movie yet when Guy Pearce commandeers it it has nary a scratch ding or crack anywhere to be seen on it. I rechecked the trailer and it seems to bear me out. Opinions?


Andrew James

Yeah that’s a good point. I remember the car really “flying” past the window. If it had roll bars and what not it’s possible that it would be alright to drive if it landed on all four tires (which it did – it just got stuck in those wires or ditch or whatever). I don’t remember if it had much damage to it or not though. Sounds like the prop guys didn’t think things through very well!


Where the film fails in its logic, it makes up pretty darn good with its tone. I don’t know how we got through talking about the movie and never mentioned the lovely lip synching of Robert Pattinson to “Pretty Girl Rock” (albeit Andrew used the song as the closing number for the show…)