Rian Johnson to Write/Direct Star Wars: Episode VIII & IX

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #a9a883;”] T [/dropcap]itle pretty much sums up everything that I could ever write in the following couple of paragraphs, but wow this is unexpected and fairly exciting! Depending on the amount of studio (read as Disney and George Lucas) interference, we might find a fairly unique look and feel to the Star Wars universe. Of course there is a certain amount of consistency that needs to be had throughout the new trilogy and franchise, but still; meshing out what Abrams does and then going into full Johnson mode for the next two films sounds promising.

His success with Looper is of course what likely solidified the position for Johnson, though appearing on the RowThree Cinecast was what initially got his foot in the door.

Rian has yet to comment on this new turn of events. But his Twitter feed had this to say:

We’re huge fans of Brick and Brothers Bloom in the third row. We’re also pretty big fans of Star Wars – at least this author is. So while there are literally dozens of directors I can think of that would make great choices for carrying the Galaxy Far Far Away torch, Rian Johnson is solidly in that list and I’m excited to see how it pans out. Congrats Rian!

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Brick is still one of my favorites of the past decade. Brothers Bloom was good and Looper kicked all kinds of ass. I’m totally on board with this. He’s a great dude.


no passing of the baton from Abrams to Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman… that sucks.

Matt Brown