Trailer: The Knick (Season 1)


While it was widely publicized that Steven Soderbergh was retiring from filmmaking after he made comments about how he’d prefer a bullet in his head to doing another location scout, the reality after he clarified his comments was that he planned on taking a break, large in part due to his frustration with the corporate Hollywood system. In his newly acquired spare time, he would paint, work on Broadway shows, and, hey… maybe even join the cool kids and do some television.

Enter Cinemax. Soderbergh isn’t the first filmmaker to realize that some of the best work in being done on the small screen. With The Knick, he decided to join the ranks of Frank Darabont, David Fincher, and Guillermo del Toro and make something exciting and fresh without all that Hollywood red tape stifling his creativity.

The Knick stars Clive Owen as Dr. John W. Thackery, a surgeon at the Knickerbocker Hospital in early-1900s New York City, a time when an understanding of medicine was beginning to evolve rapidly.

It looks dark. It looks interesting. It looks gruesome in all the best ways. It’s like a Gilded Age Grey’s Anatomy. If the one-minute teaser is to be trusted, it looks like Soderbergh may have created something really special here.

Check out the trailer below and leave your thoughts on Soderbergh’s latest project in the comments!

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