Soundtrack Of Your Life #2: Dirty Dancing

Soundtrack Of Your Life Episode #2 is already here. It may not be the time of your life, but it will kill about an hour of it.

Each episode, Corey will welcome a guest onto the show. The guest will have chosen a compilation or soundtrack that speaks to a memorable era of their life. The soundtrack with play underneath the show and will be the springboard to dissuasion about the music itself, and what was going on with their life at the time of its release.

For this episode Corey welcomes Ryan McNeil of The Matineecast. While the first episode came about spontaneously, this go-around we spent some more time with the material first, and it shows with Ryan’s enthusiasm for DIRTY DANCING and his ability to recant how it works within the film as well as how it shaped one hot summer in 1987 riding the bus to camp.

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Matt Brown

Kudos Corey, Dan Gorman told me about your podcast last night and it sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to listening.


[…] episode can be found here. Any comments about how dorky a child I must have been can be left […]


Thanks. I’m looking forward to doing more of them because it presents me with some new podcast challenges. In both cases I went into each not 100% confident we would have enough to talk about for the full length of the show, and in each case I feel like we didn’t even cover all our notes. The energy was always up.

At this stage though I am critical of myself. When the energy is up and I am directing more towards the guest I tend to do more ‘mmmhmms’ and ‘yeahs’ than normal, so I’ll have to teach myself to do that less.

The other challenge is being able to contribute but let the guest dominate. ie. If I do X amount of 1995 episodes, I will run out of 1995 stories, so I need to maybe ration my own/keep the guest talking. Even someone as gifted and life experienced as Marc Maron can tend to have to retell the same stories.

I want to do special episodes that crowd-source content as well. I put out a theme/call for listeners to send in a few minutes telling me about the song that represents their first kiss, or a song ruined for them by a bad experience, and I would just lay those contributions one after another and that would be the whole episode. If that intrigues anyone I would get on confirming the first theme ASAP.


I think that would be an awesome addition to the show


A correction on this episode: At one point I claim you can tell ham radio enthusiasts by the license plates that read YEG. Incorrect! That is the Edmonton airport code. What I meant was VE3.



I like the concept of the show. I think it’s so universal that you could have people record there own episodes and you could curate them and play the best ones. Because I could sit down with my old buddies and make plenty of these episodes. Great idea!