Soundtrack Of Your Life #1: THE LOST EPISODE

Hi! This is where you would have found Episode 1 of Soundtrack Of Your Life, a podcast where I invite a guest to discuss their favorite soundtrack, and the personal stories that are tied into the music and that time period.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons I am no longer comfortable with this episode being out there, especially as a representative of the shows debut. Please by all means listen to episode 2 and let me know your thoughts.

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Reed Farrington + Taylor Swift better be in the queue. Great idea for a podcast.


Reed Farrington on an episode? I’d buy that for a dollar, oh wait, it’s free.


Awesome idea for a podcast. I’m really looking forward to this. My favorite podcasts tend to be those that include personal stories and anecdotes.

As for this soundtrack… man. Who DIDN’T own it? Kiss from a Rose still gets my prepubescent emotions flaring.