Cinecast Episode 357 – It Opens with a Shit

Dragons, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill and Kit Harrington kind of dominate this week’s conversation. But there’s more to be had than just fire star power. Parental guidance, pre-emptive strikes, cubes of Ice, socio-political commentary, killer tacos, a father’s day massacre, the art of the doppelgänger, Julian Asange, spring break, The Jun Horde and Game of Thrones literally gives two shits about its characters. All of these things and more play their specific roles perfectly in this nearly 100% love fest of a Cinecast Episode. Thanks to Corey Pierce of Critical Mass Cast for offering up his opinions throughout the show and of course Matt Gamble for his wisdom is always welcome.

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  1. Kurt, with respect, Oberyn saying ‘I will be your champion’ in GOT was not a deus ex machina ending.

    A deus ex machina ending is an unearned, surprise ending that has little to do with the story up to that point.

    Oberyn using this opportunity to wreak his revenge was totally organic to the story ever since he first appeared dripping with anger and vengeance.

    If you’d known that the Tyrion trial by combat storyline was coming when Oberyn entered GOT it would have been entirely logical to predict that he would jump on that opportunity.

    Being eaten up by desire for revenge will destroy you is a well used literary theme that GOT, and Skyfall, happily plagiarised / ‘borrowed’. The GOT writers planned it out well, there was nothing deus ex machina about it.

    On a separate note, I think How To Train Your Dragon 2 made less than expected because people were watching the football / soccer world cup.

    I think any year now white ‘recently (200 – 300 years?) indigenous’ white Americans will be outnumbered by other ethnicities and immigrant communities, all of whom (pretty well every country in the world bar America and Canada)like soccer / football.

    I know the latter probably belongs in another post but whatever.

    • Gerry, allow me clarify: I was talking about things from Tyrion’s point of view (not the overall story of GoT), and Oberyn coming into his cell to tell him that he would be his champion (regardless of Oberyn’s reasons) was, from Tyrion’s perspective, the equivalent of a Deus Ex Machina. This is particularly so because Tyrion was getting very little information/influence from within his cell outside of Jaime’s visits.

      I 100% agree that it was organic to the story, but in that particular incident, I was framing it from Tyrions POV, apologies for the lack of clarity.

      • I still don’t think your argument holds up Kurt.

        How did we learn that Oberyn was filled with hate and vengeance, because his first action in the show was to tell Tyrion this when he met him.

        And Tyrion is the joint brightest person in the show, as he told Tywen ‘I am your son’ and as he said to Jamie ‘I’m the brightest person I know’.

        So when Oberyn explained to him his reasons for being his champion this wasn’t a deus ex machina surprise to Tyrion, he must’ve thought ‘that’s so obvious, lucky for me Oberyn is so filled with hate’.

        • I think you guys are actually in agreement the only difference is one of you thinks Deus Ex Machina is a bad thing and the other doesn’t in the correct situation.

  2. Gerry: Go back and look on the expression on Tyrion’s face in the episode where the Red Viper visits him and says he will be his champion. That is the “holy shit, Deus Ex Machina – I’m saved!” face.

  3. I still maintain that that is not a deus ex machina ending.

    Because of Tyrion’s previous history with Oberyn, Oberyn’s actions make perfect sense to Tyrion when he thinks about them, which, being a bright fellow, he surely would.

    For it to be a deus ex ending it would have to make little sense to Tyrion and be a cheat ending, which it very definately wasn’t.

    I’ve said all I’m going to say on deus ex endings. I never thought of this correspondence being win lose but if you say anything more on the subject, even ‘your arguments suck’ then you win Kurt.

  4. I think Dragon 2 is the proof that I don’t like 3D animated people in movies at all.

    Can’t work up any desire to go.

  5. Apologies to anyone hoping for time tracks too busy to even listen to the show this week.

    Game of Thrones times 1:37:39-2:45:49

  6. From the sounds of it 22 Jump Street credit sequence seems to be skewering ‘nerd’ entertainment and its stranglehold on popular entertainment.

  7. A lot of book fans were disappointed that a character named Lady Stoneheart didn’t show up in the finale, though she will likely show up in season 5.

    Since I didn’t want to wait a year to find out what are the big fuss is about the character, I sacrificed a spoiler and googled her.

    Let’s just say the character’s reveal is going to shock people (and I’ll leave it at that).

    • It wouldn’t have worked in the episode and would draw and amplify focus away from everything else, they did the right thing by leaving it out for many reasons.

  8. If I was going to recommend a TV show for you guys to go deep on it would be The Shadow Line, 7 episodes, same director, great cast.

  9. I bought The Birdcage on Blu earlier this week, having so thoroughly enjoyed Nathan Lane in Frankie and Johnny. Big fan of both films, even though Frankie and Johnny veers into schmaltz, still genuinely funny and genuinely dramatic at times. Fun to go back and watch nineties movies now post-social networking. With reference to the political incorrectness becoming more noticeable now, take a look back at Untamed Heart, and the bizarre lackadaisical acceptance of stalking in that. Christian Slater (at this point a relative stranger) breaks into Marisa Tomei’s family home in the middle of the night watches her sleep and builds a Christmas tree for her to wake up to… ahhhh.

    • Say what you will about Julian, he has a way with words: ” Smears don’t have much staying power on their own because they deviate from the foundations of reality (what actually happened). They require constant energy from our opponents to keep going. The truth has a habit of reasserting itself.”

    • Totally agree.

      DEM is essentially a ‘I can’t be arsed or I’m not skilled enough to plot a story properly so that it ends logically so I’ll have an eagle swoop in at the end and kill the antagonist, even though eagles haven’t been mentioned thus far’, i.e. an unearned / cheat ending.

      Also I forgot to say spoiler alert before posting my GOT comments above.



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