Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s marketing team is taking a slightly different approach in this new ‘more epic’ Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Emphasizing the scale and hero-journey aspects bore the hell out of me and frankly, make the film look less interesting, but this one is catering more to the Marvel/Disney crowed who wolf down their product like sugary breakfast cereal.

The trailer hedges its bets a bit at the end, which gets back to the quirky character goofiness. I’m far more excited for this particular project due to the director James Gunn, who has specialized in R rated genre fare with a humourous bent (Slither, Super) than the usual Marvel tropes, but your mileage may vary.

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Robert Reineke

Other than the talking raccoon, that’s a pretty generic trailer. They’re coasting on the good vibes from the earlier trailers. Action works better when you have some actual stakes. And maybe do more than vomit a bunch of pixels on screen in a mess without a focal point.