Trailer: Expendables III

These films always sucker me in with their old-school fully loaded trailers. Eye-rolling wise cracks, gratuitous (but PG) titillation, explosions and more action-hero movies stars (and delightfully, Kelsey Grammer) than you can fit into a single credit block. This one is no exception, and while it is probably not the first movie trailer to feature this Eminem song, it uses it quite effectively.

You don’t need to know the plot or any further details, either you’ve embraced this franchise or you know well enough to steer clear of it.

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Sean Kelly

Quite interesting that you would say “but PG” in the description, since the rating has always been as issue with The Expendables series.

The first film was rated R.
The second one was going to change to PG-13, but ended up being R again.
According to Stallone, the third one will be definitely PG-13, though we will have to wait and see.

David Brook

I’ve embraced this franchise, warts and all. They aren’t great films, but it’s the sort of guilty pleasure I lap up and this trailer looks great to me. The PG-13 rumours are worrying, but it should still be a lot of fun without the blood. As long as there are plenty of explosions that trigger flying soldiers/terrorists and wise-cracks to back them up, I’m there.


From Cinema Blend, apparently Steven Seagal says he’ll never be one of these because: “I just (don’t) like some of the people involved. Life is too short to work with funny people.”

Who is he talking about? Stallone?

Either way, I haven’t even seen the first of these yet. I’ve always meant to – I love me some 80s action flicks – but I’ve never made the time for it. Maybe I will this summer so I can see my boy Ford in this one.

Sean Kelly

The first Expendables is merely OK, while the second one is a whole lot of fun.