RowThree Finds a Way [ver. 6.1]

EDIT: So we’ve revamped things again. This time it’s sort of a hybrid of the old and the new. Gone is all of the java and crazy comment links and we’re back with a little bit more traditional linking system.

Again, there may be some oddities at first, but over time they’ll get wrinkled out. Hopefully.

Not sure exactly which evolution of the third row this is, but 6.0 sounds like a reasonable iteration. One thing is for sure, it’s a significant change! It’s still all of the same great(?) content, but we’ve skimmed down the scope and look of the site to be as streamlined and minimal as possible. Gone is the “old west” look and in with the flat and sharp. Many might have some initial reservations about this new look/style, but we welcome you to just play around with it and hopefully embrace it. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s quite unlike the usual functionality/aesthetic of most movie (or any) blogs out there.

We’ve abandoned the traditional scrolling list of posts and everything on the sides. It’s a simple, clean landing page with just a logo. Rollover the logo to see all of the latest posts and podcasts broken into their subsequent categories (one of which is “all posts” so you’ll never miss a thing. Once you’re in, you can navigate the topics via the menu at the bottom of your screen or the large left/right arrows on either side. To return to the main home screen, simply “X” out of the display window or hit the temporary “HOME” button at the top of the screen.

There is bound to be a few kinks and wrinkles in these opening few days and if you find any, feel free to email the admin about them. Most of the older posts might look a little strange and/or not all that handsome, but all posts going forward should be streamlined with the rest of the site aesthetic in mind.

We’re hope you’re able to get used to the new layout and color scheme. Hey, at least it’s not in 3D!

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