Cinecast Episode 356 – Bearfucker

Welcome to the time-discombobulated episode of the cineast. First things Last: Kurt’s son number one, Willem joins in for a detailed discussion of Edge of Tomorrow, with emphasis on details and minutiae. It’s tucked at the end of the show. Andrew and Kurt discuss the specifics of the new Rowthree design before getting into the 1984 project with taciturn Chuck Norris and side boob, but slapped in between Gamble joins in for a lighter-on-the-spoilers discussion of the Tom Cruise movie, so we can Live. Die. Repeat. There is a bit of a love-in for the action stylings of Neil Marshall as he helms the penultimate Season 4 episode of Game Of Thrones with an eye for continuity and geography at Castle Black. Finally there is a Watch List where Kurt & Gamble debate (again) the merits of Orange is the New Black. Also: Roger Dodger, Rango, Full Metal Jacket, Blade Runner and Deathproof. So grab your G.O. juice and your copy of Italian Vogue and hop into the fray.

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La Menthe

As much as I hope and believe that this new template will work, I really feel the need to make some comments:

You guys talked about how more and more people have moved towards mobile units when browsing the web. This is true, and the most likely cause of less discussion on comment sections like this generally. Not only is it a fucking pain in the ass writing on a touchpad, which I’m doing right now, but it’s also so many bugs and issues (like chunks of info suddenly vanishing) on all comment sections out there, especially Disqus sections.As much as I hope and believe that this new template will work, I really feel the need to make some comments:

You guys talked about how more and more people have moved towards mobile units when browsing the web. This is true, and the most likely cause of less discussion on comment sections like this generally. Not only is it a fucking pain in the ass writing on a touchpad, which I’m doing right now, but it’s also so many bugs and issues (like chunks of info suddenly vanishing) on all comment sections out there, especially Disqus sections. The difficulty is so stressful that by the time I’m done with a comment, my entire face and upper chest will be sparkling.

But by the time I’m done with this comment, the vast layer of sweat will expand all the way to my testicles. Cause that’s how horrible the experience is on my Nexus 7 right now.

I’m assuming you are working on a tablet version, as this version is so badly optimized that it even feels “heavy” on my middle-range laptop. The simplistic set-up of allowing us to choose which topic to view is great and much appreciated. And the design is wonderful and refreshing. But all this is irrelevant if everything is slow and clunky. I find myself struggling to scroll down each post, and feel like that one giant in yesterday’s episode of GoT who was lifting up the tunnel gates. It literally is that exhausting. This comment could have been written yesterday, had it not been for the fact that I said “fuck this”, halfway through the antagozing assfuck of scrolling down the site.

Other than that, I’m optimistic for the new site. As long as you keep the content consistent with your categorized and not mainstream values (just to garner more popularity) — which is why I left Filmjunk (otherwise known as Comics Junk) — and give us free content, I’m happy.


I’m also still having the scrolling issues on my laptop, so I feel your pain. I can’t figure out why, as it seems others are not all having the problem, but it’s really driving me nuts scrolling at a snail’s pace.

75% of the time, I still access this site through my laptop, with the other 25% being on my iPad and iPhone. I literally have never left a comment from my pad or phone as, like you, I find it excruciatingly painful to type on those.

Andrew James

La Menthe, There should be a mobile version of the site that pops up for you on your tablet. When I’m using my Galaxy Note 3, everything pops us with the mobile version. Because I agree – despite what some have said on here, I’m sure the regular version of the site is a truly ugly experience on mobile. Drop down menus and dynamic animations always bog down my device and make it extremely difficult to interact with. But the mobile version of RowThree is super stripped down. Basically it’s just a list of posts and you can comment on each one at the bottom.

Do you not see a switch to turn on mobile when viewing the site? What browser are you using on your tablet? There should be a setting in the browser to display the mobile version of the site.

La Menthe

I tried it on my Galaxy S4 now and got the mobile version up. But for some reason I get the desktop version on my Nexus 7 and Sony Xperia Tablet, using Chrome. The only browser option I have is “request desktop version”.

La Menthe

Well what you know! The comment section issues on mobile tablets were not just mentioned, but unwillingly demonstrated above. Which reminds me about another suggestion I forgot to give: edit buttons.

Sean Kelly

Here’s my information for the Row Three census. 😛

AT HOME: Dell Inspiron Laptop, Windows 7, 1600×900 resolution, DSL WiFi, Google Chrome Browser
ON THE GO: iPhone 4S, 3G Network (and/or WiFi), Google Chrome App
PODCASTS: Apple Podcasts App (always downloaded straight to phone, since I rarely listen at home)

BTW (to Kurt): If you want to see the theatrical cut of Dune sooner, it’s playing at the Bloor Cinema on Monday in a double-bill with Jodorowsky’s Dune. I’m going to be seeing both (second time seeing the doc, first time seeing the film).

Ultimo Lee

In-house business/New Site Design: 2:26
Edge of Tomorrow [SPOILERS] 34:17
Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode 9 [SPOILERS]: 1:12:49
The 1984 Project: Missing in Action – 1:35:23
Watch List: 2:04:44
Next Week: 2:54:29
Outro music: 3:02:41
Bonus Extra: With Willem Halfyard: 3:43:33

# sound is a little choppy around 2hr 21m when Kurt is talking Rango but sorts itself out awhile after that

On the site:

Tech info: When reading the site i almost always will be on my desktop. I don’t have (or want or need) a tablet and only use my Ipod Touch for going online when i NEED to know something or for wasting my life away looking for apps. I use Firefox. I don’t use a mobile (yes i’m living in the 50’s) and i download the podcast straight off the page.

The previous site was starting to piss me off with how long it was taking to fully load and now it’s a ton faster so i’m fine with the speed. I am having problems with the comments not showing when on Firefox but it’s fine on Chrome although there seems to be a problem scrolling through.

Actually the site looks a whole lot better on Chrome than Firefox

Hopefully i can explain this right. When trying to read a particular post/article it would be great to be able to make it a full page instead of this little window thing. Maybe slightly more colour as well.

Good job though :ThumbsUpSmiley:

Sean Kelly

I own three copies of Death Proof: I have both Planet Terror and Death Proof on DVD, Grindhouse (the full 3 hour presentation) on blu-ray, and then the Death Proof blu-ray in the Tarantino box set.

My issue with Death Proof is that it’s two separate stories. I like the first half, but I’m not as into the second.

Give me Planet Terror (or the full Grindhouse presentation) over Death Proof any day.


Those separate stories are beautiful dopplegangers of each other where exactly what Sheriff Earl MacGraw predicts in the hospital sequence bookended betwixt the two separate groups of girls.

Matthew Fabb

I’m in the process of listening to the episode and Kurt keeps referring to the site being forward thinking for a more tablet friendly site. Only the site is now very much a desktop site and very much tablet unfriendly. It’s very sluggish and janky on tablets (iPad 2 & 3, Nexus 7, HP Slate 7, as a developer I’ve got a ton of tablets). As I keep mentioning this is because the scrollbar to the main is not a native scrollbar, but one controlled with Javascript.

Also you guys are asking about how people are visiting the site, unsure of where they come from or where they entering the site. If you don’t already have it, you should add Google Analytics to the site. It’s available for free most WordPress sites have a plugin that should be easy to add on. Then you can look at where you audience it coming from, how many people come in on the main page, how many are using tablets, versus mobile versus desktop, etc.

Sean Kelly

I love using Analytics for my blog.


I don’t know if the above link is cheap as I don’t know the Canadian dollar exchange rate but it’s £10.50 (and has been as low as £8.00) in the UK which is cheap for 4 blu rays. It’s the 3h49min version of the film.

I thought the latest episode of GOT was kind of a waste of a whole episode for a skirmish between a smallish raiding party and the few people on the wall.

I don’t understand all the ‘great film’ accolades for Edge Of Tommorrow here and on film junk. I thought it was definately okay, but didn’t merit ‘great’.
Maybe a decent blockbuster stands out among all the bad blockbusters like Amazing Spiderman 2.

I use the Tor and SRW Iron browsers (the latter is a not quite so NSA spied on version of chrome). I couldn’t post this comment on the newest posts accessed version of this post but could – just about as the post button was barely visible – when I accessed the post via newest comments.


Matthew Fabb: I was under the impression (quite wrongly so) that this design was seamless across desktop and tablets. Clearly we have a way to go with it, and Andrew is going to continue to optimize it ‘in the wild’ as it were.

In terms of Analytics, I do believe we are plugged in with Google on that, but I must also admit that none of us spend time analyzing the stats, we probably should.

Rick Vance

So I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow a great deal and like Matt had a problem with the last like 25 minutes which was amplified when I read the manga based on the original light novel SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.

The original story is very short and as such keeps everything very localized to the base and the one conflict, also the two leads are much younger but that is typical with Hollywood adaptations. The major difference between them is how they go about explaining the breaking of the loop. The way it is explained is that Rita was connected to the Server Mimic and as such was able to loop it when she died, when Cage connected to the Server he broke her connection but she remained changed as an Antenna, so even if he killed the Sever Mimic they would still loop because of her.

She realizes this and forces him to fight her to the death because she has to be dead when the Server dies to completely finish it off. They have a battle and then he pushes forward and kills the Server winning the day and vowing on her memory to win the war.

I completely understand how this would not work as a Hollywood movie but damn do I like that version more.

Andrew James

A couple of things I forgot to mention on the GoT discussion for this episode:

1) Is this the first time they’ve used the actual theme song from the opening credits directly within the episode? It was a darker key, but it was perfect for the fight.

2) Also, I loved the “shut down the mechanism”, first person bow and arrow shot of Ygrette as she scans the battlefield looking for targets.