Mamo #360: Edge of Tomamo

New Row Three; new Mamo! We talk Tom Cruise and Edge of Tomorrow before dovetailing back into Maleficent and forward into The Fault In that thing Slate wrote about Young Adult fiction.

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown co-hosts the Mamo!, Super Zero, Get Your Cast To Mars, and My So-Cast Life podcasts, and has a weekly column at Screen Anarchy called Destroy All Monsters. Imagine Thor crossed with a 12-year-old girl.


  1. All You Need is Kill. Being killed over and over again is all you need to get better? To fix things? To make it right.

    That is how I always read that.

    I really liked the movie too however I have read large sections of the comic and it puts a lot more work into the very dissociated and personal stresses that would go into being put into that cycle and knowing how each day is likely to end.

  2. So I read to the end of the comic, it is only like 17 chapters.

    I don’t know how to make SPOILERS SPOILER SPOILERS work so here is hoping.

    In the original story, the signal / thing that lets them loop modifies them so they are a back-up receiver/hive mind/thing, so the final twist is that neither of them can leave the loop while the other survives and they have to do battle to finally break the loop so one or the other who has trained to nth degree at this point can win the war for humanity.

    Very different ending tone compared to the Movie.

    It is exactly like I heard it described as everything good and bad about a Hollywood adaptation.

  3. We are at the edge of 2D with EDGE OF TOMORROW: The cinemas in my neighborhood only had a single screening per day (at the awkward time of 1:05pm) for 2D showings, and the cinema they stuck it in had about a 1/3 of the seats converted to D-Box, which made a regular priced ticket where I just go into very difficult to get.

    If this were Godzilla or X-Men, which did a lot better on their respective opening weekends, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten a same-day normal-cost ticket for my son and myself on Sunday.

    Not sure if this is the new normal with CINEPLEX in Ontario. The cinemas are so addicted to the 3D / Atmos / Dbox upcharging that they are not offering as much choice to their customers.

    • I was looking at the showtimes for EDGE OF TOMORROW and I only saw one of my regular Cineplex theatres (the Scotiabank) had 2D screenings for the film. In fact at the Queensway (the closest Cineplex to me) every screening was either VIP or AVX (meaning a ticket price of no less than $18).

      I ended up seeing the film at the Humber Cinema, which is an independent theatre that doesn’t even offer 3D.

    • Yeah this has been an issue lately, me and my girlfriend have been spending a lot of time at the Beach Cinema which tends to only give one screen to each movie. So basically every new release, we’ve seen in 3-D because there isn’t a 2-D option.

      I’m not thrilled, but it’s a nice theatre overall and it’s walkable from our place so I’m living with it.

  4. HOw’s this for demographic targetting, according to Boxoffice MOJO: “The FAULT IN OUR STARS audience was made up almost entirely of young women…it was 82 percent female and 79 percent under the age of 25. “

  5. Next John Green adaptation is Paper Towns, which Green never really wanted to do what he felt was a difference in opinions of “what makes a good movie” with the studios. The same team from The Fault in Our Stars will be making the movie.

    So in essence, Fox 2000 is looking at that as a sequel to The Fault in Our Stars.

    • The only analysis of the ending that makes sense to me so far (SPOILERS)

      the best Edge of Tomorrow ending explanation I’ve found so far: Notice that when Cage is reset the repeated time on the beach invasion, he never again encounters the Alpha whose blood infected him the first time. What happened is that when Cage absorbed the blood of the dying Alpha, he replaced it in the time travel system. So that Alpha actually disappears from reality from the moment Cage is reset. So, when Cage is infected by the Omega’s blood, not only does that happen many hours before the invasion so he returns to an even earlier reset point, he also replaces the Omega so that it vanishes from reality from the new reset point forward. Thus, the mimics instantly lose their brain the moment Cage wakes on the copter.

    • In terms of the time travel/reset conceit. Well, I just interpreted it that The OMEGA has a bigger ‘loop/scope’ than the ALPHAS. The power is arbitrary in terms of stepping back in time, just enough to undo longer-term mistakes made on the day of battle. The OMEGA has a larger scope and more permeability across the quantum-reality/spectra. Simple.

      • Omegas being able to jump back further isn’t necessary to have it make sense.

        That it sends you back to when you wake up rather than exactly X amount of time is completely arbitrary. But if that’s what they’re going with, the fact that he got Omega blood at an earlier time (the raid on the Louvre takes place much earlier than when he got the Alpha blood on the beach) means that he will be send back to an earlier waking point.


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