Cinecast Episode 355 – Elliptically Speaking

What a great episode! It’s simultaneously a circle-jerk and a butt feck. I hate you but he loves you and I love him so it’s all good. The worst thing is you can’t listen to any of it because you haven’t seen anything we’re talking about. That said “GAME OF THRONES” has far more to offer than just skull crushing, Bill Murray can’t deliver and Mike Judge makes populist entertainment that the populist isn’t even aware of! The aforementioned “shit you haven’t seen yet” is praised with HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 and time travel and skewed versions of the way you look at iconical films are re-evaluated. I don’t know what to tell you. Honestly? You should probably just avoid ths amazing episode of the Cinecast for two years until you can comprehend everything we go into here; including Andrew’s love for sparkly, drama queens with cancer.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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– Rating movie reviews and comment likes
– Willem Halfyard talks Mad Max 2

Jesse Eisenberg
The Social Network

“Night Moves”
Bob Seger

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~ 1984 PROJECT ~


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How to Train Your Dragon 2
– “Silicon Valley” (season 1)

A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

Adam’s Apples
– “Silicon Valley” (season 1)


– Edge of Tomorrow
– The Fault in our Stars
– Words and Pictures


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I think the Star Wars people missed a trick in not casting Pedro Pascal, who plays Oberyn in GOT.
After seeing him fight the mountain he should play a Jedi or Sith master in a future film. As well as the light sabre fighting ability he seems to be a genuinely great actor.

Silicon Valley is my joint favourite show with GOT. I thought the first 2 episodes were good but the quality skyrocketed from there. The guy who plays Erlich is great and Amanda Crew truly is beautiful.

Jape Man

I’m possibly seeing “Night Moves” this weekend so unless I feel like not listening to the whole episode, I’ll probably wai until then 🙂


Andrew, I’m seeing Fault in our Stars early. The gf is a massive fangirl of it because of its (largely unknown to the mainstream but massive and strong) ties to the Harry Potter fandom. I will keep you in the loop of it in comparison to Perks and you can make an informed decision with your money based on that 😛


I have seen Fault in Our Stars. It will be a slow juggernaut though the summer. The fanbase are going to keep going back to see it.

Talking points:
Of course. It is smart enough to not lay it on thick from the get-go but to save it for it’s inevitable conclusion, so as to not dull it’s impact. I found the stuff with the family more sad than the ill-fated love story. My gf felt the reverse. But that’s the thing. She had cancer. I was the one with her while she was going through treatment. So we’re looking at it through different angles and are going to react to different things. It hit her hard frequently and I imagine anyone of any age who has gone through cancer is going to be affected by this in some way.

Well made? Written.
Sort of. Definitely well acted. The writing is the kind that is more the way people think than how they speak (hat tip to Andrew Parker for wording it that way as I was trying to get the words out myself) which means sometimes it’s a little much with the earnestness and other times it has been so earned and is so well performed that its the right choice. There are times where the acting is elevating material not a great fit for screen and other times where it’s perfect. If this thing makes money Woodley may be in discussions for awards season. The young guy? He’s got charisma and they have a lot of chemistry. There are times early on he lays it on a bit much but based on where it goes (which may be predictable) it makes sense. He’s kind of a manic-pixie-dream-boy.

Overall it may be somewhere in the zone between a Spectacular Now and to be honest, a Garden State, and that latter reference may be a warning for some but given these characters have more worth moping about, well hey.

One thing though is that overall given stuff I’ve gone through with Nikki (the threat of which we could always potentially go through again), enough hits close to home that I will be pretty defensive of this film. I’ve seen a few random people out there going out of their way to mock and attack this thing, and it strikes me as douchey, one of those things that may be too earnest for many cinephiles tastes but is something that if its not for you, you leave alone.

Another example: Like, if you saw Away From Her and left the theater going “Lol”, I hope an old person punches you in your larynx.


Oh, and there is humor. It’s not as good as say, 50/50, but it breaks the tension frequently, and is sassy in a way that also works for their characters having put up a screen to how they are actually feeling. I’d say the film levels up around halfway through when the screen starts to come down. The first half is comparably light and it even comes across in the filmmaking style. This movie is smart enough to neither want to make you leave feeling horrible, nor leave you OMG SUPER INSPIRED LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL EVERY SECOND at the cost of the characters. It’s a straightforward movie, but it knows all the feelings going on are a more complex than that.

Andrew James

Here’s the article I mentioned about Game of Thrones that talks about getting rid of characters that we love too quickly and all the time:

Rick Vance

The Jorah stuff is one place where the books completely trumped the show in excecution.


In the book Ser Barristan keeps his identity hidden for a much longer time, and him and Jorah never get along. As they move to take Mereen everything comes out.

Barristan is revealed as hiding his identity but to make penance and to show his loyalty he just straight up tells Dany that Jorah was spying because he was on the Small Council in Season 1.

Dany then forces both of them into the sewers to take Mereen for her and after the city is hers she banishes him for being a traitor.

The show obviously didn’t want to keep Selmy hidden for 2+ seasons (plus how do you do that efficently with someone whose face we have seen)

Nat Almirall

Thanks for the shout-out, Kurtykins.




Thanks for the thorough writing, Nat!

Sean Kelly

Kurt, I already told you IN PERSON that you were mistaken about the whole Road Warrior/Bent Lens connection! I believe the screening was put on solely for the fact that Terry Hayes was in town to promote the release of his novel.

Bent Lens (which is being put on because Toronto is hosting WorldPride) doesn’t even start at the Lightbox until June 12!


I’m just quoting the website entry / blurb the day I bought the tickets.

Sean Kelly

Night Moves is currently not playing theatrically in Toronto and doesn’t look to be opening in the foreseeable future.

The Double, on the other hand, opens at the Bell Lightbox on June 13 and you should ignore everything Kurt says about it (I’m a fan of the film).

Sean Kelly

If you’re going to talk Chuck Norris next week, this better be the opening clip:

La Menthe

Kurt: his name is spelled Slaw-voy Zee-sheck. The guy is amazing in political thought and philosophy and film criticism — and of course the convergence of both. You should check out his analysis of Hitchcock’s film. It’s amazing.


There goes my good track-record with eastern european names…

La Menthe

I remember seeing a “Pervert’s guide to Hitchcock” documentary, although i enjoyed his book about Hitchcock much more.


Very late posting this.

In-house business: 00:50
Night Moves: 12:48
Night Moves [SPOILERS] 40:16
The 1984 Project: The Razors Edge: 1:02:34
Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode 8 [SPOILERS]: 1:24:10
Watch List: 2:22:36
Next Week: 3:10:15
Outro music: 3:24:30

And yes Andrew i do listen 😀


Congrats to us. We talked about this weeks GoT episode for longer than runtime of the 56 minute episode.

La Menthe

Which is great. Keep it up, please! And try getting Matt on more often: Cinecast with three of you is pure perfection!

Matt Gamble

Generally as the summer progresses my schedule loosens up more. May, November and December are the three months that I simply work to much to even watch anything.

Tony D'Amico

Have you guys considered Paris, Texas for a 1984 review? I figured since Cheel loves that he would be a great guest appearance for that if he would do it.


Tony: we did cover PARIS, TEXAS on the Movie Club Podcast,

That said, we might do it again for the 1984 project. It’s a great film.

Andrew James

“Andrew, you will lose your shit over it [Coherence].”

Yup. This just became my second favorite movie of the year. It’s absolutely wonderful.