Mamo #359: A Million Ways To Die In The Mamo

Magnificent Maleficent, the final ultimate absolutely-this-is-the-one death of the Western, Lupita Nyong’o in Star Wars and Jim Cameron on Avatars Two through Four: It’s Mamo!

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown co-hosts the Mamo!, Super Zero, Get Your Cast To Mars, and My So-Cast Life podcasts, and has a weekly column at Screen Anarchy called Destroy All Monsters. Imagine Thor crossed with a 12-year-old girl.


  1. We mentioned the Jupiter-Guardians connection in the episode before we heard about Jupiter moving out of July. Guardians is now set up for a big boost. Wonder if Marvel will grab Jupiter’s date?

    • MADNESS. I’m not sure if moving a movie helps after they’ve already invested so much money marketing the film….but Marvel must indeed be happy.

      • Yeah, take a minute to imagine how much trouble JUPITER ASCENDING must be in, for them to scuttle it out of the year at the six week mark. They’re walking away from tens of millions of advertising investment, easily.

        Same thing happened 2 years ago with G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, for those keeping score.

    • I think “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” just got a big boost for being the biggest event movie in the entire month of July.

  2. From what I have heard about Edge of Tomorrow is that it is EXACTLY 100% what the Hollywood version of a Japanese Light Novel that recently became a Japanese comic would be.

    All the positive and all the negative of that. Right down to changing the title.


    Wild card: Everyone picks one film, any film, that they believe will be shuffled out of the summer season. The question is how many points this would be worth.

    • rejected – I like the idea that there is a chance you’ll lose because a title you picked is so weak they don’t even open it.

      • I think you misunderstand the proposal. It’s not picking one of the top 10, but simply adding another category to the contest.

        • Yes, Matt misunderstands the proposal: It’s a separate category.

          Not a reward for picking badly. It’s a special CORRECT pick, that you were able to see a movie coming out during the summer and be like “Naw, that’s not gonna happen this year” before the studios even realize it.

          • OK then, if anyone mails me the name of another eligible summer movie, written in red ink on a 3×5 card, that ends up getting pushed back to 2015, I will send you a check for $100*

            *(Checks will not be honored)

          • Oh I’m behind this 100%. I say we make it like this: 50 bonus points to anyone who correctly names the movie that will get shuffled out of the summer.


            1 – you must also correctly specify the rough timing of the change (i.e. 5 weeks out of release; 8 weeks out of release);

            2 – the movie must appear on SOMEONE ELSE’S top ten list (not your own);

            3 – if the movie stars Channing Tatum or is being reshot to include Channing Tatum, WILD CARD RULE – no bonus points but you have the optional opportunity to remove a competitor from the game entirely IF (AND ONLY IF) the movie in question appears on their list.

            I’ll tack this item onto this afternoon’s Mamo HR meeting.

          • This is a mockery of a sham of a total fiasco now. If HR comes in here I will punch someone in the head.

            MIKE DROP

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