No Trailer posted for Toronto Rom-Com “What If”

We are happy to recommend Michael Dowse’s wonderful rom-com, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. In Canada it is called The F Word and in the US it is now titled the far more safe and generic What If. Movie selling folks and skittish would-be audiences, the F is for Friend.

To further add insult to injury, this freshly cut trailer squeezes out at least two of the films most wonderful surprises, is needlessly 3 and a half minutes in length, and in short, quite pisses us off. The love-letter to Toronto aspect is in full display, and this pleases us to some extent in light of all the other marketing shenanigans, but we still cannot show you in good conscience. Just go in knowing with Dowse (Goon, Fubar, It’s All Gone Pete Tong) you are in excellent hands.


  1. Of course the sad truth is that the trailer might actually turn some people off from the film, since they might see THE F WORD as “just another cliched romcom” (if fact, a post about the trailer on AVClub says just that).

    • Kurt Halfyard

      The F-Word (I won’t call it that other abominable title) IS just another cliched Rom-Com. But one told with a grace and form that the trailer and new title of the film decidedly lack.

      Cliche is not always an insult, some times movies just have to be done WELL, not be the most original or rule-breaking thing ever…The F Word is one of the latter, and I was very happy to see it.

      • Matthew Price

        True for virtually all great films. Rarely does something create form and become the best example of the new form.

        • one of those exceptions: ALIEN.
          another: Bonnie & Clyde.
          a third: The French Connection.

          • Matthew Price

            I don’t agree with all of these examples, but as I mentioned it does happen. Rarely.

      • It doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It does at times punish its own characters for falling into those rom-com tropes, but there’s certain nothing wrong with being called the new When Harry Met Sally and living up to the claim.

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