Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

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“Famous” Movie Cars (click for larger)

Super Power foosball!

“We’re about to be killed by a huge fucking tornado… hahha hhaa haa ha HA HA HA!”



  1. Kurt Halfyard

    ON the Buzzed Genre films that I’ve seen:

    Coherence – EXCELLENT
    Why Don’t You Play in Hell – EXCELLENT
    R100 – EXCELLENT
    Frequencies (aka OXV: The Manual) – Almost good.
    The Green Inferno – Meh.

    Super excited for THE ROVER, THE CONGRESS, THE MULE, THE SIGNAL and WHEN ANIMALS DREAM, hopefully a lot of them will be at Fantasia 2014

    • According to IMDB, The Signal opens next week. I like me some indie sci-fi.

      Films that I saw from that list:
      - Wolfcop (watched screener for TFS. Fun film)

      Films on that list I want to see:
      - The Guest (after You’re Next, I’ll give anything Adam Wingard directs a watch)
      - The Signal
      - Creep
      - Cooties (heard good things about this horror-comedy co-written by Leigh Whannell)
      - Map of the Stars (will watch anything Cronenberg directs)

    • Marina Antunes

      Love love love Coherence.

      If it wasn’t clear: LOVE.

    • I saw Nothing Bad Can Happen at last year’s Cannes –

      I wouldn’t call it a genre film, it’s a relentlessly harrowing drama. It’s powerful and interesting at times but too tough and grim to easily recommend.

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