Trailer: Kill The Messenger

It is telling that all of our ‘investigative journalism’ stories are now period pictures. Jeremy Renner here plays San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb who uncovered the fact that the CIA was smuggling cocaine into the United States for the purposes of funding Central American Contra activities. (On a side note: This is also why former LA police detective Michael Ruppert turned down CIA appointments and became a full time investigative journalist and conspiracy researcher, and the subject of the 2009 film, Collapse. And while Ruppert is not in any way involved in this particular story, in real life, both Ruppert and Webb eventually committed suicide.)

Adapted from Webb’s 1999 book Dark Alliance and directed by Michael Cuesta (TV’s Homeland and Dexter) this looks very solid stuff, in a genre of film that isn’t made as often as I would like. The massive supporting cast is stacked to the gills with great actors: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Paz Vega, Michael Sheen, Oliver Platt, Michael K. Williams, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, Tim Blake Nelson, Berry Pepper, Robert Patrick, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

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La Menthe

Can’t wait to watch this. This is basically Argo on the other side of the political spectrum. Reagen’s launching of a terror campaign in the 80’s (calling it “war on terror”, like his successor in the 00’s), of which Nicaragua was one of the biggest victims, has been completely forgotten in American history — not surprising, considering how the US media, as it always does, completely ignored the US-supported atrocities and helped create the image of Nicaragua as state capable of invading the US (so much that they’re even a significant villain-country in Red Dawn). Let’s hope this film sheds a bit light on the topic.


Webb’s death was pretty gruesome, hope they don’t go full exploitive on that front.

Andrew James

OK, in all honesty, I think this will likely be one of the most middle-of-the-road movies ever made. Reason being? The story kind of writes itself and feels like Argo meets Traffic (or Blow).

The cast is impressively impressive. But the very fact that they use this to sell the movie makes me skeptical.

To be fair, they have my money. I will see this. But my expectations are medium.


While, considering Argo itself was one of the most middle-of-the-road movies of its year, I’m not really that worried.