New Annie trailer lacks dance numbers. Maybe they did it on purpose?


Musicals are not typically my thing but even my coal heart couldn’t say no to the adorableness of Quvenzhané Wallis in the upcoming Annie remake.

Wallis stars as the titular character, an orphan girl living with a mean foster mother, played here by Cameron Diaz, who finds herself at the center of a media circus when a business tycoon and mayoral candidate, Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks, takes advantage of the media’s love with the little girl in order to advance his career.

I was vaguely curious about the project because of Rose Byrne’s involvement and the fact that it’s directed by Will Gluck, but beyond that, I had no interest in Annie pre-trailer but now that I’ve seen Wallis being all cute and big haired and charming and stuff, I can’t help but think that this might be really sweet. Still not sure it’s for me but boy, that Wallis sure is adorable.

Annie opens December 19th.

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Andrew James

I actually kind of like this. Adding more of a goofy, one-liner comedy routine might actually work.

I also like the politician angle. Adds more believability to Daddy Warbucks as an ass and a “user of people” than just a rich guy.

Looks pretty fun.

Andrew James

Also Diaz as Miss Hannigan is a pretty good casting call me thinks (though no one will top Carol Burnett in my opinion).

David Brook

I’m sorry guys, but have you both totally lost it? You couldn’t pay me to go see this. It looks like an absolute abomination.