Cinecast Episode 354 – Past is Prologue

Put the flag up the pole, Andrew and Kurt like a comic book superhero movie a lot. And go figure, X-Men: Days of Future Past mimics the Kurtzman-Orci canonical reset button, has time travel figure largely into the plot, and revels at times in 1970s trappings. But there is empathy and stakes… and that matters. After talking a little X-men (SPOILERS!), things move on to a Top 5 and tangents on time travel in cinema (as in, just what the hell is a time travel movie these days?)

Then it is onto some Filth (mild SPOILERS!) where James McAvoy grins like a guilty child while banging everything in sight and generally misbehaving. But what was the missing ingredient from the film? There is talk again of that slippery thing called empathy.

Finally, things roar to a finish with a single Watch List title: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior a movie that is timelessly simple and pure in execution. We look forward to George Miller drivin’ that tanka again in his rebooting his own franchise with Mad Max: Fury Road a film that has been in production forever, but arrives in May 2015. Someone out there is starting rumors that it will be a game changer. Will it give Star Wars VII a run for its literal money? It will if Kurt has anything to say about it.

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~ REVIEW #1 ~

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5) Triangle
4) 12 Monkeys
3) Midnight in Paris
2) Groundhog Day
1) Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Honorable Mention: Full rankings (26 films) and notes

5) Peggy Sue Got Married
4) The Navigator
3) The Terminator
2) Primer
1) 12 Monkeys / La Jetee

Honorable Mention: Looper, Trancers



~ REVIEW #2 ~

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior




– A Million Ways to Die in the West
– Cold in July




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Andrew, if you’re picking between X3 and First Class, you gotta go First Class, man.

Sean Kelly

Iceman’s “coming out” scene is in X2

Sean Kelly

Oh, and Kurt, it was said during the Road Warrior Q&A that a camera WAS smashed during the final big crash.


Also, it is worth pointing out that the definitive 80’s film, Buckaroo Banzai, is another 84 entry.


Received LOUD AND CLEAR, we’ll certainly be talking about this one. It’s a fav.

Nat Almirall

Kurtford, just a heads-up: Ken Russell directed Altered States, not Nicolas Roeg.


Good catch. Dang, I do that all the damn time! Argh. Those two guys.

Rick Vance

Andrew you absolutely nailed what lifts this above most other comic book movies of recent years for me, and also a large problem with a great deal of modern comics actually.

The movie shows you why something is awesome because it knows it doesn’t need to tell you, it is a very visual movie.

It gets what hooks people into the medium the characters and story came from, looking into another world and seeing something incredible that you want to dive deeper.

X-Men still I think has the biggest first issue comic and that comic was that big at first because of how much it hooked people and then second for the crazy market around it.

The 90s animated series also ties right into that.


I’m pretty sure DFOP actually erases the X-Men timeline between 1973 to 2020-something…so basically X-Men Origins: Wolverine (except the opening sequence), X1, X2, X3 and The Wolverine are erased. According to DOFP, only the timeline of events from First Class to 1973 happened. Exactly what happened afterwards is unknown. Sure, some of the same events and relationships still happen (eg. Rogue-Iceman and Cyclops-Jean Grey), but only because of that “time is a river” theory. When Logan wakes up in the new future, we don’t know if he has adamantium in him, nor do we know what happened to Magneto, etc.

That 50 year original X-Men timeline only existed for Logan, which is an interesting decision. So the 1973 Logan lived for 50 yrs with all-new experiences, then woke up one morning with memories of his life from the other 5 X-Men films and the DOFP dark future. So the entire X-Men franchise/universe only existed for Wolverine.

Andrew James

That’s right. Which is explained by Ellen Page right in the beginning. She says something along the lines of, “if you succeed,”you’ll be the only one who remembers all of this.

Andrew James

Can’t believe we got through the whole FILTH conversation and didn’t mention Kate Dickie’s (aka Lysa Arryn) role.

It was very surreal and kind of seemed out of place.


Ooops, I immediately recognized her when I saw her show up in the film, as the crazy breast feeding mom from GoT. Yup. Oversight.

Sean Kelly

I just checked and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD’s only competition for its May 15 release date is the Adam Sandler comedy PIXELS and PITCH PERFECT 2 (Star Wars’ release dates is now December)

Matt Gamble

Which makes it the third biggest release of the weekend.

Sean Kelly

Yeah, Pitch Perfect 2 is destined to be a hit with audiences, even I though the original was merely OK.

I’m quite intrigued by the plot of Pixels (1980s-era video game characters who’ve attacking New York), but only time will tell how well it’s executed (also, it’s going on five years since I last saw an Adam Sandler movie)

This is long way of saying that I’ll be at Fury Road that weekend.

Sean Kelly

Darn typos, let’s try that again:
Yeah, Pitch Perfect 2 is destined to be a hit with audiences, even though I thought the original was merely OK.


anybody seen Dance of Reality, my fav film of 2013, epic Jodorowsky, up there with Tree of Life as visionary autobiographical childhood retelling


I’d be first in line if there were a way to see this, I’ve wanted to see it since CANNES last year. It didn’t come to TIFF or TADFF.

And for its commercial release, why oh why didn’t this open alongside Jodo’s Dune? I’d happily plonked down for a double bill.

Happy to hear it is awesome though!

David Brook

I saw it last year ( – the second time I’ve linked to this today!). I liked a lot of it, but its cheapness put me off a fair bit too and quite a few sections don’t quite work. I’ve not seen a lot of Jodorowsky though (only Santa Sangre) so I’m not well adjusted to his style.