Cinecast Episode 353 – Warm, Dense and Sprawling

Godzilla was already gotten out of the way earlier in the week with the recording of the RowThree Super Ticket (Cinecast + Mamo); so we’re able to just stick with a simpler structure this week. We have our “GAME OF THRONES” recap to dive into and both Kurt and Andrew agree it’s possibly the best episode so far in terms of character development and depth. Then we give much love to Tim Roth in both The Watch List and in our ongoing 1984 project with Stephen Frears’ THE HIT – which also showcases “monster” performances from both John Hurt and Terence Stamp. We check the coinage of “Oscar bait” with The English Patient. Annual tongue bathing of David Mamet’s Spartan and with last week’s Terminator talk, Andrew heeds the advice of listeners and tries on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” for size. Even without a main review, we’ve got 100 minutes of goodness in here for your listening pleasure.

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Super Ticket (Cinecast and Mamo) talks GODZILLA

Tim Roth
Reservoir Dogs

“Just One Drink”
Jack White

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~ 1984 PROJECT ~


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The English Patient
The War Zone
– “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”





Oscar Bait




– X-Men: Days of Future Past
– Filth
– Palo Alto
– Cold in July




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  1. Opening:
    In-house business: 00:14
    Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode 7 [SPOILERS]: 4:21
    Little Chat: 37:38
    The 1984 Project: The Hit: 41:55
    Watch List: 1:07:31
    Next Week: 1:36:33
    Outro music: 1:38:19

    For the Game of Thrones lovers, GOT is mentioned in the little chat but no spoilers.

    Loving Andrew’s one man flamenco routine.

    On X-men: you only have to watch X-Men: First Class before the new one…………. i think…………i’m pretty sure.

  2. Saw “Cold in July” tonight. Sam Sheperd is great in it and the film has a great tone and totally looks and feels like an 80s movie (it’s set in 1989) complete with a synth score!

  3. The original Mad Max was not widely distributed in North America (and I believe the American cut originally re-dubbed the dialogue).

    Because of this Mad Max 2 was renamed THE ROAD WARRIOR for its North American release.

    Having seen both, I do prefer the latter (since the original Mad Max spends like three quarters of the film building up to the point where Max goes Mad).

    • I grew up on the Americanized dubbed Mad Max on VHS after first seeing The Road Warrior and loving it. It wasn’t until 1997-98 when I finally saw the original aussie version of Mad Max at an underground theater in nyc. The original is of course better, but I remember thinking the American dubbed voices of the The Knight Rider, Toecutter and Max’s captain had more life and panache than the aussie actors that played them. It’s strange what you get used to.

  4. Mad Max (the original) is almost more notable at this point as the place where Alan Moore got the origin story for Rorschach from.

  5. The Hit Spoilers:
    Here is my theory: Stamp’s character has the veneer of an existential character, but is he is romanticist. He wants to die in an ideal setting, which is in France; he does not want to die in shitty, non-cool manner. On the other hand, John Hurt is the true existentialist, as he does not give a fuck at the end.

  6. This isn’t anything to do with the podcast, but I wasn’t sure where else to post this (emailing may make more sense I guess, but whatever).

    I’m just sending out a message to Toronto dwelling Row Three-ers: In late-June, my family and I are flying over to visit the American side of our family in Michigan, but we’re flying in and out of Toronto because it’s cheaper than flying to Detroit. We’re spending a night in Toronto at either side of the trip and I wondered a) if there was anything interesting going on and/or b) if anyone fancied meeting for a drink or cinema trip or whatever?

    We’ll be in Toronto on Thursday 19th June all day and night (we arrive on Weds evening but we’ll probably be too tired to do anything) as well as on Monday 30th June (arriving in the late afternoon/early evening after a long drive). We’re around on the Tuesday too but flying at 9pm.

    They’re both school nights of course so chances are people are busy and nothing’s happening, but I thought I’d put it out there.

      • Great, yeah I think it’s Pearson. It just says Toronto on our booking, but because it’s international I imagine Pearson will be the one. We’re staying at Hotel Victoria on the corner of Yonge/Wellington St. not far from Union Station if that’s any good too.

        If we get in touch via email closer to the time it will be great to arrange something.

  7. The real great modern Terminator future is coming TV show is called Person of Interest and it is amazing.

    Sure it isn’t exactly SKYNET and it isn’t exactly walking robots (yet) but their depiction of that stuff growing and the different organization that would crop up and desire control over an all encompassing technology is pretty fantastic.

    And on top of that when it isn’t robotwars it is Jim Caviezel destroying people.

    • The opening of X-Men:DofP feels a lot like the opening of The Terminator, they even have the low angle panning ‘skulls-in-the-debris’ shot (although no tank comes by and crushes it, alas…)

  8. Matt, the way you feel about The English Patient (which I also agree with), is excactly the same way I feel about The Curious Case of Benjamin.

    The thing with these melodramatic romances is that they are very, very easy to hate. But they are also very, very easy to fall in love with — if you can relate with the film. There never seems to be a middle ground.

    • My name is Andrew (Matt didn’t make this show unfortunately), but yeah I can sort of see where you’re going with this.

      I certainly don’t “hate” CCBB, but I do find it kind of boring. The cliche is to call it Forrest Gump in reverse without any of the heart, but the cliche is there for a reason – it kind of holds true.

      But yes, if something in particular about an Oscar bait movie just happens to hook you, you’re willing to look over a few other things. That said, I don’t really think The English Patient deserves the stigma of “a romance movie” that it has attached to it. The English Patient is far more of an adventure (even some action) story than it is romance. Sure there’s an affair/romance that happens, but that is just the catalyst to everything else surrounding it – bombs, planes, revenge, mutiliations, cave exploring, Nazis, guns, prison escapes, etc etc.

  9. Maybe it’s a little too late to suggest this, but perhaps you could have watched and discussed Penny Dreadful instead of Game of Thrones this week.

    I’m hoping to finally binge the first three episodes later in the week.

    • Will be binging this soon myself. The nice weather put the kibosh on all screen watching this weekend with the exception of a late Sunday Night X-men viewing, as we lived out in the real world with our children for a spell…

    • I was gonna give this a go.

      I tried out Broad City after all the hype as a counter to Girls and I really did not care for it whatsoever.

      Silicon Valley though (back to the boys club, yup) is doing it for me. But I’ve always been receptive to Mike Judge’s ability to rag on the character flaws of people we generally deem as smarter than everyone… well, except for that The Goode Family show, which was terrible.

  10. As a possible 1984 entry, maybe something like Threads might be interesting if either of you have seen it.

    And I’m not sure how interesting the discussion would be about the film itself, but at least the filmmaker would be interesting is The Toxic Avenger for the 1984 project. Lloyd Kaufman is an interesting point of discussion whether you enjoy his films or not (I fall on the ‘not’ side for the most part myself).


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