Super Ticket Episode 3 – New Levels of Thin

The rare collision of Cinecast and Mamo! seems to happen when Kaiju come to town, and this time is no different. Welcome to the third Rowthree Super Ticket, in which Matt, Matt, Matt, Kurt and Andrew discuss big old Godzilla in the context of the 2014 blockbuster model. When will the doctorate thesis on how mega-sized movies gleefully destroy cities be written? What would the HBO version of a monster catastrophe look like? Will the already green-lit sequel feature Godzilla in a back-to-college comedy? Where does Aaron Taylor Johnson rank on the Sam Worthington to Ryan Reynolds index? All these questions and more are answered herein.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Hosted by Andrew James, Kurt Halfyard, Matt Gamble and the occasional guest.



    I agree with Andrew and Kurt.

    All the stuff with Binoche and Cranston could have been dispensed with as it was clearly there to promote emotional engagement but, for me, there was no emotional engagement.
    Ten minutes with Cranston in the modern day, who then dies would have achieved the same result.

    The first hour was so boring bar the 50’s nuclear testing footage, which I liked.

    Who came up with the rule that blockbusters have to last 2 hours minimum? A tight, skillfully written, opening and get straight to the action would’ve been much more enjoyable.

    I thought this was the biggest budget found footage film ever. That’s great if you’re trying to disguise the CG and modelwork but it killed momentum and excitement stone dead.

    I thought the fight at the end wasn’t filmed in an entirely coherent way either. Plus what’s with the tripods music from Spielbergs War Of The Worlds in the end fight, were the Mothras Martians?

    I’ll give the film another chance on home video as I liked Monsters.

    • The original 1954 film was 98 minutes. And it had the burden of introducing the ‘idea’ of Godzilla for the first time. That’s tight filmmaking.

      Ditto the other well known Kaiju film, King Kong. 1933 version 100 minutes. 2005 version 187 minutes.

    • I’m not seeing til tonight. I think in this case the negative feedback out there has me prepared to actually accept it for what it is rather than have me worried I will be bored.

  2. One of the nit-picks I totally wanted to mention and get into but forgot was the fact that this huge military operation (25x the size of Hiroshima) was hinged upon a giant nuclear bomb that only one man on the planet knows how to operate.


    • You can apply that complaint to ever scene Aaron Taylor Johnson is the Super Hero Soldier who happens to be the one guy out of every situation and also saves a couple conveniently placed children on the way.

  3. Where’s the Cinecast at? I don’t care about Godzilla – it’s a dreary, joyless failure of a movie that doesn’t warrant much discussion, imo.

  4. I loved the movie. I really enjoyed the build-up the most, which is the first two acts of the movie. It’s Jaws basically. Though I loved it a little less watching it a second time in 3D mostly because there’s no more suspense. I’d still rather watch the first two acts of Godzilla than the first two acts of Jaws.

    Some the of nitpicking is unfair…eg. the phone vibrating thing…he called her right after MUTO flew from the plant. There was NO news about any monsters yet. I also had no problem with Taylor-Johnson’s performance. He was a stoic soldier and it wasn’t a mistake that his son was pretty “emotionless” too. When Taylor-Johnson needed to be emotional, he was subtle about it. Cranston, Godzilla and the MUTO’s had enough emotion for the entire movie. One more character would’ve been overkill.

    I’m not a huge fan of Jaws and Jurassic Park, but I have lots of respect for them and they can be nitpicked just as much. Yet we rarely do maybe coz a few decades have passed and we now accept them. But I’d rather re-watch Godzilla before those movies.


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