Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

Check out these links:
What dead rock stars would look like today
Last known photographs of people (interesting; slightly disturbing)
Disneyfied R-rated classics
Godzilla (all of them)
The picture of everything
80 awesome web sites you don’t know about
Eight-legged goat (aka Octagoat)
Alexandre Desplat – making the music of Godzilla







Dutch band “Adam” tries to sing their song “Go-to-Go” while having an orgasm.















Every movie /TV show ever:









This is getting ridiculous awesome:



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Markus Krenn


Phillip Seymour Hoffman could have played Morrison,
Ryan Gosling could have played Kobain,
Morgan Freeman as Hendrix. And somehow the older Keith Moon reminds me of Andrew James.

Markus Krenn

And the beer tossing thing.
Is there something to the rumor that Pitt will be in Season 2 of True Detective?

Sean Kelly

While that “Before They Were on Game of Thrones” video is funny, I shall always know Charles Dance as Benedict from LAST ACTION HERO, who gets many great villain lines, such as this one:–Vps

Kurt Halfyard

Dance has never been better than Alien3.

The old Maester guy at Kings Landing was the bad-American Donovan in The last Crusade. I had no idea he was in the star wars trilogy.

They missed the obvious opportunity for The Hound: YARP!

And Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon) was good in The Full Monty. We still call him the Full Monty Guy.

Sean Kelly

I saw ALIEN 3 long after multiple viewings of LAST ACTION HERO.