Trailer for Monsters Sequel: Dark Continent

It is no co-incidence that the trailer for the Monsters follow-up is released the same week that Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla hits the cinema. The micro-budgeted creature-feature Monsters was likely the reason why Edwards got the big blockbuster job.

Monsters: Dark Continent is directed by Tom Green (no, not that Tom Green) and appears to be in the ‘War is Hell’ sub-genre (instead of the lost tourist in trouble sub-genre of the first one.) Will this one have the flavourful subtext and atmosphere of the first film or just be cash-grab noise? The trailer ain’t too bad and the film certainly looks like they had more money to play with than the first time around. It is still not selling me on the idea that a sequel is necessary or will be of any real interest.

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Sean Kelly

Just rewatched MONSTERS, then watched this teaser.

Yeah, I don’t need a sequel.