Cinecast Episode 352 – This is What Happens with Progress

Though the power of the RowThree fell silent for a couple of days, Andrew and Kurt refused to give in. Andrew talks Locke. Kurt talks some Orson Welles, some Wickerman and some Nuclear Power on this weeks Watch List. Kurt’s 11 year old son Willem joins for a discussion the best performance of Schwarzenegger’s career. And Westeros is in chaos, as always.

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Aidan Gillen (Petyr Baelish) and Tom Hardy
The Dark Knight Rises

Jack White










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~ 1984 PROJECT ~




The Wicker Man (final cut)
The Magnificent Ambersons
Pandora’s Promise




– Godzilla
– Belle
– Fading Gigolo




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  1. Transformers opens the final weekend of June (the 27th to be exact). I guess the producers wanted a full week headstart on the July 4 weekend.

  2. ultimolee

    In-house business: 00:38
    Locke: 8:50
    Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode 6 [SPOILERS]: 22:55
    The 1984 Project: The Terminator: 57:50
    Watch List: 1:30:43
    Next Week: 2:11:00
    Outro music: 2:14:02

  3. Rick Vance

    So the original Terminator is the best movie of Cameron’s Career still and probably until he dies. It is shaved to razor sharp and is never not going. It is one of the ultimate proofs that low budgets are amazing and that not having all the tools is helpful.

    Terminator works because it doesn’t explain jack shit until about 40 minutes in. It throws the audience in and is utterly convinced that it can keep you with it for those 40 minutes until in the middle of a car chase they start actually explaining what is happening (which is also the best exposition scene in film)

    It is a flawless movie script. I am not calling it bad or good, best or worst but flawless.

    And the image that came to Cameron in a dream is timeless.

  4. La Menthe


    In the first season, Arya catches Varys and some other dude (the guy who gave Dragon Lady the eggs) having a conversation about bringing her back on the throne. Varys is on Dragon Lady’s side.

    Please get your son on the show more often. He’s very charming, and after listening to Frank on Filmjunk for many years, I’ve already gotten used to listening to a kid. However, your son sounds more knowledgeable, does not bring up stupid points, and is by no means annoying to listen to.

    PS: Thx for spoiling who the trial combat is gonna be between!

    • I don’t think that was a spoiler. Simply a guess. I still think Tyrion will choose Jaime. It makes so much sense to feck with Tywin even more.

      • Rick Vance

        There are proper spoilers out there because the participants of the duel are mentioned as the title of the episode that it will be taking place.

        So if you don’t want to 100% know watch out.

    • It’s not a spoiler when Andrew nor I know the answer! It’s just goofy fun to speculate.

  5. Kurt Halfyard

    Mark Kermode’s 2001 WICKER MAN documentary (~45 minutes)

  6. Rick Vance

    What I forgot about Terminator is along with Aliens those are the two movies where the entire video game industry is in debt to James Cameron.

    The police station scene in Terminator and all the tech in Aliens is such a key factor and influence to every first person shooter to a ridiculous level.

  7. If you think about it, it’s quite funny that the most infamous aspect of the Wicker Man remake (NOT THE BEES!) is in fact a deleted scene that’s not even in the theatrical film (which I saw at the Lightbox a couple years ago).

  8. Tony D'Amico

    I know early on Kurt made a comment that you guys wouldn’t be doing the 1984 project in October (made when Andrew asked if you should review nightmare on elm street around Halloween) but in all honesty, the 1984 reviews have often been better than the main release review that you guys have been doing. I don’t know if that’s been mentioned before, but I hope you guys don’t stop doing them and furthermore I hope you choose another year fir 2015 they are always a ton of fun.

    • I imagine we’ll be going pretty steady for much of the year with 1984. Not sure if we will do it so soon as next year, but 1999 would be a good year to do in 2019.

      If you want to hear 1989, just tune into the TIME BANDITS podcast, as they go to town on a major 1989 title for a full podcast.

  9. Arnold Schizopolis

    Ya know, Kurt..if young Willem is interested in podcasting, you might want to let him dig into the Film Junk archive and listen to The Movie Review #9: June 23, 1991- Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. There is lots to learn from “11-12 yr old” versions of Sean, Jay & Frank….like oreo madness, shoplifting, boners, finger-banging, etc. It’s radio broadcasting gold! lol

    • I know! That episode was EXCELLENT for simply an April Fools gag. Serious top shelf work from the Junkers on that…

  10. Nathan Austin

    Nice for Kurt to spotlight Michael Biehn’s performance, it’s what stood out on my most recent watch of the film the other night. Biehn had a tricky role with a lot of expository dialogue, but he really nails it with the perfect combination of desperation and conviction in his voice.

    • He is indeed great. That scene where he is just on the monitor in the police station about how the Terminator will reach down and tear her fucking heart out…He SERIOUSLY SELLS THAT LINE.

  11. I seem to recall a rather brilliant discussion of Ambersons at Where the Long Tail Ends…

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