Prometheus 2 is Happening (someday)

Just a quick rumor report to dish out for all you Ridley Scott / Alien fans. Michael Fassbender recently told Collider that he wasn’t sure when Prometheus 2 would be released (or even when it production was scheduled), but he did say it is happening and has laid the claim he will be reprising his role of David. So there you go.

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Thomas Wishloff

When this comes out, will this be the first live cinecast episode to break the five hour barrier?

Kurt Halfyard

We did record a 5 hour episode once (with Minneapolis film critic Colin Covert, Filmmaker Gary King, Myself, Gamble and Andrew)…but the podcasting gods were not smiling on us that day and we lost about 90 minutes worth of recording, it’s still one of our longest shows at over 3 hours…