Cinecast Episode 351- Bleach Bypass

Sorry for the lapse in the race against Mamo and a missed Game of Thrones episode, but we’re back with a vengeance in a quite classic feeling of the Cinecast. Kurt is in full festival mode with a recap of The Toronto HotDocs Film Festival and Andrew stayed at home and was baffled by Katherine Hepburn on a boat – “I guess you had to be there.” Jim Jarmusch delights both of us with a refreshing take on the vampire sub-genre using blood popsicles; which segues nicely (using the John Hurt angle) into a nice talk about Orwell’s 1984 in the 1984 project. Peter Dinklage can be found later in the show with the Watch List along with William Friedkin directing Gene Hackman and surprising love for Babel from Mr. Halfyard. It feels good to be back.

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– Andrew on Director’s Club Podcast [Roman Polanski]
– “Game of Thrones” in latest issue of Comix Asylum
– Braingasm doc – Kickstarter
– Kurt’s kids talk Godzilla
– R.I.P. Farley Mowat – Highlight piece: “Sibir”

Patrick Stewart
Star Trek: TNG

“The Taste of Blood”

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~ 1984 PROJECT ~


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~ HOT DOCS 2014 ~

The Dark Side
The Notorious Mr. Bout
The Joy of Man’s Desiring
Doc of the Dead (WORST)
Rich Hill
Love and Terror on the Hallowing Plains of Nowhere (BEST)
An Honest Liar
Olga to My Friends
The Wonderful World of Ice
Where I’m From
Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger




The Goonies
Adventures in Babysitting
Knights of Badassdom
The African Queen

The French Connection




– Jay Cheel’s Doc: How to Build a Time Machine




– Fading Gigolo
– Locke




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Arnold Schizopolis

I have one selfish request. Can you put a time stamp for the Game of Thrones spoiler episode discussions? I always have to skip them during every podcast.

Kurt Halfyard

Usually Ultimolee comes in and does time tracks very quickly!


Howdy 😀

In-house business: 00:54
Only Lovers Left Alive [SPOILERS] 15:12
Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode 4 & 5 [SPOILERS] 40:57
The 1984 Project: Nineteen eighty-four – 1:13:40
Kurt@HotDocs 1:41:00
Watch List: 2:32:51
Next Week: 3:05:00
Outro music: 3:07:10


Awesome. Thanks.

Sean Kelly

This was my second year getting Hot Docs accreditation and I went in head first this year. Including screeners and press screenings (which I began watching a full month before the festival), I watched a whopping 51 films at this year’s festival.

I thought I would run-down a number of the films I saw, beginning with films that both me and Kurt saw (I ran into him at the screenings of Doc of the Dead and Love and Terror on the Hallowing Plains of Nowhere):

The Dark Side – As someone with a large interest in true ghost stories, I was more accepting of this film as a doc (especially if you read the press notes). That said, it’s a bit monotonous and there were about 20 walkouts at my screening. I still thought it was OK.

The Joy of Man’s Desiring – I liked this film, though I got a comment on the review I wrote for Toronto Film Scene complaining that it did not belong in a doc festival. You can’t please everybody.

Doc of the Dead – I liked this more than Kurt and I believe zombie fans will like it too.

Rich Hill – This was a film that many people said I should see. I saw it, shrugged my shoulders, and thought it was merely OK.

Love and Terror on the Hallowing Plains of Nowhere – I didn’t love this film as much as Kurt, but I enjoyed myself (apparently the director liked my laughing).

An Honest Liar – I enjoyed this.

Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger – This film made my top five (at #5). It should be noted that there will be a narrative film about Whitey Bulger called BLACK MASS coming out next year (with Johnny Depp in the lead role).

Now for my favourite films:

The Overnighters – This film, about a pastor letting outsiders sleep in his church, made my list quite early and it stayed there throughout the festival. Drafthouse (who picked it up at Sundance) is planning an Oscar push for the film, so it will most definitely be heard of again (I also got to interview the director)

Kung Fu Elliot – I saw this film based on the title alone and it ended up being my biggest surprise of the festival. What started as a farce about a guy making no-budget kung-fu movies turns into something much more shocking. I highly recommend checking it out (it’s currently available on iTunes Canada)

The Case Against 8 – As the title says, this is all about the fight against Prop 8. This film received a five minute standing ovation afterwards, when the subjects stepped onto stage.

Art and Craft – A wonderful and quirky film about a guy, who has spent more than 30 years creating art forgeries and donating them to museums.

Here are my LEAST favourite films:

Beyond Clueless – Kurt should consider himself lucky if he considers Doc of the Dead the worst film he saw at the festival. He didn’t see this essay doc, which gives hyperbolic film analysis of seemingly random teen films (Bubble Boy anyone?), making them sound more important than they really are. A Story of Film this ain’t.

Fire-Followers – On the topic of documentaries that are really fiction…..fires set by artists (’nuff said)

Kalyug – A goat gets graphically beheaded in the first five minutes and that moment overshadowed the rest of the film for me.

Other films I saw worth mentioning:

The Internet’s Own Boy – Maybe it’s because I have a background in computer programming, but I quite liked this film, which told the tragic story of Aaron Swartz (who committed suicide while waiting trial for computer crime charges that were somewhat blown out of proportion)

Sleepless in New York – This reflection on the human need for love is a bit depressing at times, but well worth watching.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight – This was awarded the “Best Canadian Doc” and it chronicles 18 months in a forensic psychiatric hospital, in an effort to destigmatize those formerly known as the criminally insane.

Meet the Patels – This film was the runner-up for the audience award as is described as a “real life romantic comedy,” about an Indian-American man going through his family’s matchmaking procedures. I quite enjoyed this one (and even interviewed the filmmakers).

I Am Big Bird – A look back at the career of Carroll Spinney. This one gets emotional at times.

To Be Takei – A documentary about George Takei, which is both a career retrospective and a document about his efforts to turn his childhood experience in a Japanese-American internment camp into a musical.

The Sheik – A documentary about the wrestler The Iron Sheik. While the film was merely OK, it was neat that the Sheik was in town for the festival and stayed for all the screenings (it probably helps that his management is Toronto-based).

Super Duper Alice Cooper – Described as a “Doc Opera,” Cooper’s career is told in a pretty interesting audio-visual presentation of archive footage, narration, and music.

I could probably spend all day listing off the docs I’ve seen. My entire coverage can be found at

Sean Kelly

I think the character is younger, but Rinko Kikuchi was 25 when BABEL came out (she was born in 1981).

Kurt Halfyard

I’m guessing the character she played was 17-18 in Babel, regardless of her age at the time. She’s very, very convincing as a troubled teenager.

Jape Man

I think I remember at the time hearing that the character was supposed to be 15 but yeah, Rinko was 10 years older than that.

Rick Vance

So I wanted to mention that Andrew’s comments about the film V for Vendetta make me incredibly glad because it illustrates how poor of an adaptation of the source that film is.

Yes V For Vendetta (the comic) pulls from Orwell, I mean the term Orwellian was developed exactly for that reason.


This was a classic example of even the artwork (the movie posters) being better than that actual film.


Kurt do a Petersen double feature with To Live or Die in LA and Manhunter, both films hold up incredibly well.


I watch both films often enough. Manhunter is my favorite “Hannibal” film, and I love, love, love To Live and Die in LA. All this being said, Peterson ain’t much of an actor, is he?


his lack of talent is part of the charm.

Andrew James

The Contender.

Sean Kelly

I liked him on CSI