A very Magnificent Red Band Trailer for Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer, Bong Joon-Ho’s post-apocalyptic ‘society on a train’ action movie based on the French Graphic Novel (“Transperceneige”) has been released in pretty much every market except for USA/Canada at this point. There is even a uber-complete Blu-Ray in France if you have 40 Euros to spare. It is getting a proper (un-cut, original South Korean version) release at the end of June here in North America, and the powers that be have made, by far the most elegant, accurate and enticing trailer for the film that I’ve seen in any language or territory.

This is how you market a high-concept film folks, offer the big images, but do so in a clear, concise and well articulated fashion. And it certainly helps to have Tilda Swinton doing the talking. (“Precisely 74% of you shall die.”)


  1. Arnold Schizopolis

    The shot of Allison Pill’s character wielding a machine gun was a nice surprise in the film. Now it’s ruined by the new trailer and even film sites are posting pictures of it. Bad move.

    • Kurt Halfyard

      If it’s in the trailer, I consider it fair game. Would that we got this film last year like the rest of the world.

      • Of course, I wasn’t planning on watching the trailer, so it was the COMMENT that spoiled that shot for me.

    • By the time I actually see the film, it will be totally new to me.

      What Kurt said above.

  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Welcome to our world. Peoples paranoia about Spoilers has hit record levels of stupid. A good movie is a good movie. You probably knew in advance about the chest burster in Alien, and that movie is still excellent to this day.

    • I’m still a bit annoyed of you talking so liberally about Snowpiercer on the Cinecast a few weeks ago, even though it was still months from North American release.

      Also, I probably would have liked Alien BETTER if I didn’t know about the chest burster scene.

      • Fair enough, I certainly overstepped on Snow Piercer review a few weeks ago. It is very, very worth a look, regardless of *spoilers* or not.

    • Research consistently shows that knowing things in advance does not decrease emotional response and often increases emotional response.

      I wonder how many pro-spoiler advocates know they are fucking fascists?

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